Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hepi new year

would like to wish everybody.. young and old.. a very hepi new year!

there's alot ive been tru in 2007.. the glory.. te sadness.. the disappointment.. the happy moments.. the dis the dat.. alot!! it have just made me stronger! stronger physicall, mentally and emotionally.. hah!

ytd for countdown, me aliman, syuk, fatin, rohaidee and dewi went to esplanade.. parked our bikes at sultan mosque.. and walk all the way to esplanade.. it as along nice walk.. it's been awhile since i walk dat distance... at esplanade bridge we met imran jr. and his gf.. while waiting for the clock to strike midnight we played poker cards.. 1st game was bluff next was 7 diamond.. hehehe..

the fireworks display was super nice.. haiz!~ i hope for sometink.. but dont think it will happen.. it didnt happen tru out 2007 and i dont thik it will happen for 2008..

all i wsh for 2008 is tym.. tym for my family and frens.. and above all.. learning how to appreciate things dat i have..

so hepi new year again to all.. take care..

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

gambar raya!! hahahah

this is when we went raya.. hahaha.. long pic lah.. but i now found it.. the rest of the pics.. will be uploaded at a later date.. coz ive got to book in now.. bye!!

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Friday, December 07, 2007


it's been awhile since i typed sometink on my blog.. it seemed to be haunted.. hahaha.. since ive not abandoned it let's just type sometink in here ok..

it's gonna be a few weeks more for POP.. yep.. and every week seems fast.. unlike our first few weeks where tym were really slow.. except for weekends.. it pass by very fast... very fast until u realise it's back to camp.. but yeah.. life in camp seems good so far..

had my 1st frame.. ok let me rephrase dat.. had my 1st live shot just now with a .38 taurus.. wooohoo.. a cool revolver with a laser in it.. and my 1st shot is super duper scary.. hahaha... imagine killing a person with a gun.. wow.. hahaha but nah.. it's all for training purposes..

anyway.. after my live firing.. my OC called and asked me to go home.. as my great grand dad passed away.. hmmm at least i can leave early.. hahahah... now at home slacking in front of the comp...

so yah.. wish me luck for my exams.. and all the tests im gonna have to take.. take care every single readers!!!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

DDC Band

haha.. that's wat my squadmates call ourselve.. DDC? donno?? dong dong cheng!!! hahahaha nearly a month tru NS.. it has been fun..

ups and downs here and there.. a lil dispute... but wth yah?? ppl always have all kinds of feelings and emotions.. wooohoo.. alot alot of fun in camp and out camp.. hehehe..

classes have been great so far.. alot to learn.. and the book super thick.. reminds me the days in poly.. hehee.. but this time round we have less than 3 months to study.. hahaha.. i think one sem is more than that aite?? hehehe..

bunk-mates.. is uber cool!~ there's 10 in each bunk.. my bunk there's nick, tarry, me, panjang, ah beng, deeg, hassan, bob, teddy and wenhao.. oh yah.. our squad is pure pes c9.. but we dont like like pes c9.. hahah.. it's all due to sports injuries.. hahaha.. let me tell u a lil bit of each of my bunk mates..

nick: he got a brain op during k2.. and had been in coma for 2 weeks..

tarry: not sure quite a quiet guy..

panjang: super tall guy.. hahaha.. but full of vulgarities..

ah beng: cool guy who can flare.. oh and we also call him the sleeping budha

deeg: mambo guy.. b4 ns use to go mambo every wednesday..

hassan: our squad ISD.. hahaha.. alot info.. and been in the media trade

bob: a guy who likes fishing..

teddy: he entered singapore idol in the 1st season.. yeah he really can sing.. and he's the one who always we picked on

wen hao: muscle man.. but due to some skin probs.. he's in pes c9..

so that's abt my bunk.. woohooo... njoy the 3 months as much as possible!~ really!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NS here i come!

a few more hours b4 i really get enlisted..

gonna miss the times with my family and frens..

take care everyone..

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Donno Wat Im Feeling

look at the tym!~ cant sleep after my "sahur" for those who donno wat it is... it's the tym where muslim eat b4 starting their fast.. ok.. we usually start our fast at dawn ard 5.30am so we will start our super-early-breakfast at 5 like dat.. and that super early breakfast is wat we called "sahur"(sah-hoor) hehehe...

basically i just cant sleep.. although reach home late yesterday.. abt yesterday... i receive a phone call from Nas after break fast.. b4 picking up the phone i tot he just called me bcoz he had a plan or wat.. but he bring a shocking news of my other fren, Yat, involve in an accident.. so i rush down to hosp..

am glad to see that he's ok.. and was not warded.. so we went to hougang to slack there with him and then send him home... then meet up with some new frens.. to go to expo.. there we did some fun activity.. which is.. cornering.. it is super fun lah.. altho it's just a roundabout.. but it's really fun..

went home str8 after dat.. while riding.. im thinking abt next few days where ill be leaving all to serve the nation!!!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Pic

the pic of yesterday's outing!! 15 bikes total!~

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Let us Be A CyberGuide!!

hey here's a poster from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura(MUIS) or in english
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.. it's abt being a cyber guide!~ i think it's for muslims.. so those who are non-muslim reader dont feel offended k?? and those who are a muslim!!! take dis opportunity!!! wooohooo!~

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