Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bende2 Pelik

6 weird things about me

1. when im out i donno where to go and when im home i want to go out.

2. no matter how sleepy i am when im outside.. i will still be online b4 i go sleep

3. i can be all jolly when the sun's up.. and moody after the sun's down.. dont ask me y coz i donno

4. i like to bounce when i walk

5. i eat when im bored

6. i like to take long showers

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Sunday, August 12, 2007


let's update regularly..

im really just wondering ah.. y ppl always jealous of one's success.. it's good to be jealous lah.. but in a good way.. like try to be better than them.. not bringing them down!~ haiz!~.. upgrade urself not destroy other's..

Oh yah! Hepi birthday to herman! and Hamizan.. they are 20 and 22 respectively.. before i forgot let just wish all August babies a hepi bday!! weee!~ excited gitu bday org..

fasting soon.. NS soon.. haiz.. there's still alot i wanna do b4 going NS.. like holiday.. go to the zoo, ice skating.. luge ride at sentosa.. eat choco fondue and cheese fondue.. more and more on the list!! but yeah.. no money!~ bleargh! y money is always the factor??

oklah dat's all la.. gd pagi!~

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bon Soir

*wipe dusts and cobwebs*

i think this place is getting dustier and more dustier day by day huh? update from me is like rare.. hmm sori lah.. been bz.. with lots of stuffs.. like working.. working.. and working.. so yah..

1st thing 1st would like to wish Singapore Happy 42 Bday..

wat' my wish for singapore?? i just hope that it can slow dont the pace.. dont u thing singapore is a very rush country?? everything want to be done fast all fast2.. haiz.. tired! so yah.. that's all lah..

i really donno wat to update.. so yah.. i just visit here to clear up the dusts and cobwebs..

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