Sunday, December 23, 2007

gambar raya!! hahahah

this is when we went raya.. hahaha.. long pic lah.. but i now found it.. the rest of the pics.. will be uploaded at a later date.. coz ive got to book in now.. bye!!

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Friday, December 07, 2007


it's been awhile since i typed sometink on my blog.. it seemed to be haunted.. hahaha.. since ive not abandoned it let's just type sometink in here ok..

it's gonna be a few weeks more for POP.. yep.. and every week seems fast.. unlike our first few weeks where tym were really slow.. except for weekends.. it pass by very fast... very fast until u realise it's back to camp.. but yeah.. life in camp seems good so far..

had my 1st frame.. ok let me rephrase dat.. had my 1st live shot just now with a .38 taurus.. wooohoo.. a cool revolver with a laser in it.. and my 1st shot is super duper scary.. hahaha... imagine killing a person with a gun.. wow.. hahaha but nah.. it's all for training purposes..

anyway.. after my live firing.. my OC called and asked me to go home.. as my great grand dad passed away.. hmmm at least i can leave early.. hahahah... now at home slacking in front of the comp...

so yah.. wish me luck for my exams.. and all the tests im gonna have to take.. take care every single readers!!!

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