Friday, September 30, 2005


i tink ive been keeping an ant farm inside my room.. hahah... i donno where they came from but yeah.. everytym i look on the comp table there will surely be an ant or two or more.. hahaha..

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wat I Did..

Went to Johor on Monday.. go read hidayat or azlina's blog for detail... just dat i like the "MASH" thingy... heheh.. n yeah the "Klinik Gigi Siow" n the "Mentega Terbang" n all lah...

yesterday went walk2 wif a fren of mine.. notink better to do lah... just walk sit talk.. sit again.. talk.. n then home NOT sweet home..

as for today... hmmm let's see.. rot at home... slacking infront of the com... lazing infront of the teebee... make tummy full... n all...

look out for the next update... till then bye bye...

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Sunday, September 25, 2005


spent half of the day today on a motorbike..

just now went to a wedding reception with the team! yeah.. but there's other grp too.. such as Mercy, Qirana, Budak Nakal, Havana, Kerabat n many more.. not forgetting our "BIG BROTHER" Qiara, n us "SetiaKawan".. total there are 12 grps all together n there are like 100+ bikes.. can u guys imagine the noise n the smell?? but it was so much fun ah...

the 1st trip from tamp(groom's place) to toa payoh(bride's place) was a bit messy coz all the bikers go their own pace.. but during the journey from toa payoh to tamp... it was so fun!!! 100+ bikes in one lane.. u can hear alot of "blowing" and see some stunts(some did the superman thingy n some swap pilions while going like 90km/h) i have to agree that it's really dangerous...

but before meeting "the team" i saw an accident happen rite infront of me.. a poor "pakcik"(uncle) got overtaken by a big lorry.. the "pakcik" was riding a vespa.. he goes wobbling n then fell.. i ran to him.. but luckily there's other ppl to help.. i got really scared n felt like skipping the convoy n just stay at home.. i just hope that the "pakcik" is ok..

that's all for today/tonite/tonoon/tomorning/tomidnight... take care

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It's Time To PARTEY!!~~~

finish my exam.. finish my exam.. finish all the workload for one sem.. no more deadlines.. no more tests.. no more projects.. no more exams!!!

but above all the result will be out on 11 oct.. so pray for me aite?? even if there's D i dont mind as long as i dont repeat any module.. i just hope i get my diploma within dis 3 years in poly..

time check 1.55am.. wat am i doing so late?? hmm just cant sleep i guess... so wat i did?? watched the movie DRUMLINE.. for those who are into percussion, drums, bands.. u guys shld watch the movie... it's so like "WOW".. their hands are like so fast..

i will not be updating or recaping anything.. just wanna tell u my future plans... 2moro it's either going for a wedding reception wif the riders or going shopping... and monday will be a johor trip with the silat mates.. it will be one hell of a great tym i can be sure about dat..

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Friday, September 23, 2005


what u do when u did the wrong project spec when u need to hand-in the project in 2 and the half hours tym???

1)Kill Urself.
2)Say sori to lecturer.
3)Give an excuse.
4)Repeat Module.
5)All of above.

Give ur answer on the tagboard

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Before Stressing Out

i donno lah it's true or not.. but out of boredom just click here n there n here's the result..

I am a d20

Take the quiz at

btw just now went to ISO singapore meeting... for wat?? me?? ISO meeting?? no lah just to perform kompang actually.. hahaha.. but it's very damn early in the morning... it's like... we got to reach at city hall by 7AM!!! wat the hell.. but still i woke up at 6.15.. wake my mum up n send me to city hall.. thanks mum... without u.. i'll be late.. NYE HE HE HE...

then after the show.. we lazer at the c.c the whole day.. yep literally the WHOLE day.. was like sleeping... playing cards n all.. i got stomach ache coz of "laffing like there's no tommorrow"(quoted from fana n yayat's blog)..

then yep home not sweet home.. coz my lecturer been bugging me for his projectc that i havent present yet.. haha.. overdue?? yep very! but i still got 31 errors on the program so.. donno lah eh.. repeating module i guess??

got to get to my prject and study.. so take care all.. hope u had a great day!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


just now was suppose to study with them at NYP library.. but sori guys.. need to attend sometink at kolam ayer c.c.. and then my fren ask me to watch the longest yard.. ok let's talk abt the movie.. 1st of all sori for those who havent watched n for them they may leave coz i will post ALL abt the movie(nk step jadi movie critik ah)

the movie stars adam sandler as paul crewe.. a football player who was banned for 6 years for erm.. wat's the werd to use.. "kelong" hahah.. then he was put into prison for drink driving n runaway from police.. he was sentenced 3 years imprisonment.. there he met the warden who ask him for help as his team of guards are not winning the championship for 5 years.. so crewe suggested that he(the warden) have a friendly between the guards but the warden gave him(crewe) 4 weeks(think so) to assemble a them of prisoners to play against the guards..

in the prison crewe met caretaker(chris rock).. caretaker who is like a supplier to all the prisoners.. he can get everything even mcDonalds.. hahaha.. n "gerls"... then both of them assemble the players who are not that gd... then they met dis old man(forgot his name) who wanted to coach the team.. they then get into all the prisoners biodata to get the defends for the team... ahuh it include goldberg.. and rhyno if im not mistaken... but then the team is lack of runner(the offence)..

crewe then meet the basketball players who 1st doesnt like crewe.. so crewe set a deal.. he plays one on one with the capt of the team.. if he wins he gets them to play football for him but if he loses he will leave them in peace.. so he played n the capt of the team so called cheated.. but the end of the one on one he gets nugget(nelly) to be his runner.. nelly is one fast guy! he can run without any shoes on..

one day nelly get's bullied in the prison library by the guards n so the capt(basketball team) n frens join the football team.. they are really gd... so as days went by.. practice all day.. n then comes the actual day... the game was held at one of the skool in texas.. at 1st the crowd boo-ed at the convicts(prisoners) who call themselves "mean machine" then while they(the guards n the convicts) are at the same score.. the warden met crewe and made him lose the match..

being a self-centered guy he agreed.. n so he left his team to play on their own.. n then he relise that it was the team who had made him be himself and made him feel in a family.. so he played but the team was so angry at him and let the guards tackle him.. woohooo... it was a fearsome tackle i shld say.. but he got up n played all roles(quaterback.. runner) all by himself.. then he apologised to his teammates n they won! woohooo!!~~

ok dah abis!! so dont forget to watch the movie... it is really great.. n yat gave it 4.5/5 n yep i have to agree.. with the message behind the movie.. it deserve 4.5...

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Exam Fever

having our(SIT/SEG/SDN/SCL) exam week.. yep yep.. ok like i said i got 3 papers dis sem.. erm.. the date is 15/19/22... abt preparation? just wrote down a few notes which notink goes to the head.. hahah..

yesterday went to skool to write down the notes.. ahuh.. then went to orchard to play the game of pool... n then walk ard far east plaza.. n then home!~ notink exciting happened. hahaha... except that it rained.. n yeah with thunder.. hahaha...

the day b4 yesterday(sunday) went to a kenduri... heheh dont stay there long.. n then went to orchard to fetch my cuz.. n then went to his place to watch a movie.. hahaha.. then went home...

both of the days i went home b4 10pm!!! being a gd boy??? nah.. just that there's notink more to do outside..

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are Frens Forever?

just wondering is there such thing as frens forever when u are still in skool?? it's like.. they claim they will be frens forever where they havent been tru werk life.. or when the life get busy...

but when someone going into the life of werk life.. everything will change... their skool frens doesnt understand how busy he/she is at werk... so it's like hard for him to make his skool frens understand whereas it's easier for him to communicate wif his/her werk frens as they both are in the same werk and having the same stress...

day by day.. skool frens are tend to be forgotten.. the one who stand up is their werk frens... so here's my own conclusion:

Werk Frens Are True Frens Whereas Skool Frens Are Just FRENS

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Living The Life Of Other...

Greetings Blog readers/Bloggers..

Just wanna share with a tot ah.. warning.. im not pissed off or anything.. it's just that it bothers me alot.. here it goes..

As u all know(or some of u dont) i used to be... yep i stressed the werd used to be the second son in my family.. i tink being 2nd son is hard.. but when ur sibling that are elder than u passed away.. it's getting even harder... especially me..

1st a 2nd son to the eldest son has a lot of different in responsibilities.. at least being a 2nd son/daugther u have someone to look up too.. but as the 1st it's really hard to do trial and error so that ur younger siblings wont do the same mistakes.. and to get the respect from younger siblings is very hard... even if u try to respect them.. they dont even intend to respect u..

2nd the 1st late bro/sis unfulfilled dreams(this is wat i wanna type about).. for u guys info.. i took the course im taking now not bcoz of my own will.. but bcoz of my mom.. my late bro didnt get to graduate.. so she told me to get the diploma that my brother took.. so not to upset her i took altho i have no interest at all in it.. but the problem is.. my late bro also have another dream which is to continue his ukhrawi(religous) studies after NS.. but not me... i have other dream! yes i do have one... but my mom insisted on me following his plans.. is like im living my bro.. i feel like im not here... im just a guy who fulfilled other dreams.. i have my own dreams.. haiz... i just dont want to upset my mom... i also dont want to upset myself...

i juz hope i can fulfill her dreams.. his dreams.. and all of their dreams.. i tink mine will be fulfill in a long tym...

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Horray Horray~~ Hip Hip Horray!~

just finished my presentation!!! ahuh... i very the like... no more formal.. but i still need to endure to wear it till 7 pm!! argh!!!

Good Day Everyone!

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Hepi Checher's Day..

1st and foremost.. i wld like to wish hepi teacher's day to all esp teachers who read my blog(ada ker?) really appreciate their sacrifices... their patience.. their willingness to teach... how i miss my teachers... ustazahs.. ustazs... sir... all lah..

actually i miss my sec sch days.. hmmm.. all bz as A level is coming... n then they are off to their heart desires destinations... at least there's no NS to hold them back frm their dreams.. as for me.. 2 years are spent in NS... after that then i can go continue werking on my dreams...

btw later today i got a presentation... yep will be wearing formal up to 7.. haiz.. it will be such a long day as i satrt at 8am and most probably will finish at 7pm... with formal clothing!! argh it can be really unconfortable! oh yah abt the presentation.. guess wat?? i donno wat to present... y??? bcoz all the info is wif my fren... so the least i can do is be spontanious(hope so) to present... i need to pass dis! coz i hate the things we are suppose to do.. haiz!!!

im slacking but at least i manage to read a couple of pages frm the lecture notes.. need to study lah.. nxt week will be "test week".. ahuh*nodding*... actually there's no such thing as test week but each day for next week there will be a test.. but i got 2 tests on monday!!! time is so limited to study!!!! so how??

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