Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NS here i come!

a few more hours b4 i really get enlisted..

gonna miss the times with my family and frens..

take care everyone..

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Donno Wat Im Feeling

look at the tym!~ cant sleep after my "sahur" for those who donno wat it is... it's the tym where muslim eat b4 starting their fast.. ok.. we usually start our fast at dawn ard 5.30am so we will start our super-early-breakfast at 5 like dat.. and that super early breakfast is wat we called "sahur"(sah-hoor) hehehe...

basically i just cant sleep.. although reach home late yesterday.. abt yesterday... i receive a phone call from Nas after break fast.. b4 picking up the phone i tot he just called me bcoz he had a plan or wat.. but he bring a shocking news of my other fren, Yat, involve in an accident.. so i rush down to hosp..

am glad to see that he's ok.. and was not warded.. so we went to hougang to slack there with him and then send him home... then meet up with some new frens.. to go to expo.. there we did some fun activity.. which is.. cornering.. it is super fun lah.. altho it's just a roundabout.. but it's really fun..

went home str8 after dat.. while riding.. im thinking abt next few days where ill be leaving all to serve the nation!!!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Pic

the pic of yesterday's outing!! 15 bikes total!~

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Let us Be A CyberGuide!!

hey here's a poster from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura(MUIS) or in english
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.. it's abt being a cyber guide!~ i think it's for muslims.. so those who are non-muslim reader dont feel offended k?? and those who are a muslim!!! take dis opportunity!!! wooohooo!~

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Day Well Spent..

woke up late today.. like any other day.. hahah.. fasting mah.. tired!~ then go bath... then went online.. chat chat chat... check mails... do random stuffs.. then a fren of mine ask to accompany to artfriend at bras basah.. y??? she doesnt know how to go there..

went to bras basah then pick the items she wanted.. bla bla bla.. then walk ard bugis! then i got my.. *cough*super*cough* belated bday prezzie!!! woooohooo a watch for ns.. wooohoo!~ then from there went to meet my frens at geylang for break fast.. there are like 20+ of us.. wooohooo.. super alot rite??

then we went to fort rd.. for a picture session.. the picture will be uploaded soon.. but d0nno when.. but soon lah.. hehehe... imagine wanna squeeze 15 bikes in one shot! woooohooo.. 15 lei!~ super alot! hahaha..

then went p.ris to have my bike wash... long tym nvr wash my bike.. so all the "daki" gone liao.. my back rim will be red again!! and my bike is super shiny.. coz got wax mah!~ hahaha.. then went home str8

so the lesson of the day.. u dont nid to waste money to have fun.. it's the company that make ur life full of happiness..

1 week plus to go.. i think ill update all the day activity till the day i will be enlisted!~


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