Wednesday, April 25, 2007


nowadays we heard alot abt accidents.. especially motorcycle.. and youngsters.. yah i know it's fate that brought them to an end.. but dont u think it's avoidable.. yes it's written in wat way u die.. Ya Allah i beg u.. let me die in a peaceful manner..

just today i witness two.. yep not one but two accidents.. 1st when im otw to my werk place.. there's abent along changi beach there.. 3 motorcycle involve in an accident.. and after i change my oass i saw my colleagues stop.. so i wonder y.. as i guessed one of them just skidded.. and bruised his shoulder..

a few days ago another collegue passed away in an accident.. a few weeks ago my fren involve in an accident where one of his fren passed away..

a few years ago.. my own brother involve in an accident which cause his life..

haiz!~ i donno.. i myself ride a bike.. accident.. twice.. alhamdulillah im still alive an kicking.. but it really haunts me.. yes it's a passion but.. accident can happen anywhere anytime..

u can be too alert or too careful, but with a bike.. u must always be extra super duper careful.. u might never know wat will happen within a blink of an eye..

so riders, drivers and other road users.. plz.. value ur life.. be very careful when u r on a place called the road..

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yeay Yeay

internet connection at my place is back.. haha.. luckily i spot wat's wrong.. the reason lies on the stupid line filter..

but yeah.. the speaker is still lousy.. i cant hear a damn thing from the comp.. and yeah i donno where else to surf.. any ideas plz do tag me..

argh! altho there's connection but the comp is damn laggy!!! hate laggy comp!!! so stupid.. argh!!! mcm siak ah.... lag

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

it's been awhile

it's been awhile since i last blog.. dont wori im nt dead yet..

alot had happen since i last blog.. yep i really mean alot.. my trip to hong kong.. my work at escape.. my stoning at home.. my walking aimlessly at shopping arcades.. alot more to tok abt..

my convocation will be on july i hope they change it ealier coz i nid to graduate.. im a graduate oredi but i really want to go to the stage n take the f-ing cert.. hahaha.. im proud to complete my coz in 3 years time..

i donno wat else to type.. i just hope my life wont be this boring.. hahah.. hope gonna update as regulalrly as possible.. hahah...

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