Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Miss Those Times

well.. no wonder ppl say.. how suck ur skool is.. how terrible the teacher maybe.. how sad ur results maybe.. but school.. i shld say.. secondary school is the best tym in whole lifetime(since im only 20).. yep..

even when u r in poly u will of course look for new frens but apart from that.. u'll be thrilled if u get to be in the same class as ur sec sch frens.. am i correct to say dat??

i miss those times where all where frens.. equality.. joking together.. giving sarcastic remarks to each other without anyone got hurt and still can luff their ass off the joke.. mugging for exams.. be it major or prelims.. asking last minute pointers from top-students.. last minute refresh memory on wat the topic is all abt..

how i miss those times.. but now.. yep.. a few months left to spend with them.. most of them will go to egypt to further their studies.. yep.. if it's best for them.. then im here to pray for their happiness and hope the bring back a successful smile and a roll of cert as a prove of their success..

i maybe far from all of u.. i may have seems like ive move away from all of u.. but remember this.. u guys have been on my mind.. i donno how im gonna face the days where only a number of us here in singapore.. where most of u are there fulfilling ur dreams.. just two werds.. TAKE CARE..

by typing dis.. im not saying that i dont appreciate the frens i have now.. i do appreciate u guys.. but i guess im just there as a disturbance in ur clique.. im sori abt that.. im so not into cliques or watever u call it.. y seperate the good and the bad?? when the bad can learn sometink from the good?? y must we choose our fren??

wat if a person we dont choose to be our fren come into our life?? wat will u do? throw the person far2 away?? or tell the person in the face "hey i dont want to be ur fren! get it?"?? or just be a hypocrite and accept the person and talk bad behind them?

just a simple werds.. frens come and go.. appreciate those who come.. even they are not the fren u r looking for.. but they are still there to walk by ur side and make an effort to make u smile..

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My New Phone~!~

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Sempena Monday Blues

*let me post in malay first*

nk kater minat baca tu tk sgt lah.. tapi kalau tk boring.. aper2 rencana yg mampu dibaca aku akan baca.. even suratkhabar yg dah berlapok kat umah.. email2 yg lame2.. dan lain2 lagi.. pernah aku terbaca satu rencana kat email kalau tk silap..

email berkenaan hari isnin.. hehehe.. pasal isnin sering dikaitkan dgn monday blues.. bla bla bla.. dan email itu menegur muslimin dan muslimat utk tidak merengut pada hari isnin kerana ia adalah hari kelahiran Rasulullah s.a.w.. tapi adakah org yg menulis atau mengirim email itu tahu bahawa.. selalunye negera islam mengadakan hujung minggu mereka pada hari jumaat dan sabtu.. so.. mungkin dorg ada sunday blues.. setelah 2 hari tk keje.. mesti sume berasa berat utk sambung rutin kerje yg tak pernah tukar hari2... so sebelum menegur kiter harus paham keadaan org yg kite menasihati dan juga ukur baju di badan sendiri..

*ok back to international language*

hehhehe... feeling so sick today.. i donno y.. maybe my temp is rising.. or sometink.. but wat im certain is that.. im having migraine far too often than b4.. maybe it's because of the cut that i had during haflah(prize giving ceremony), the cut dat i didnt go to the doc to get some stitches.. the cut that was deep i tink.. the cut dat hurts.. hahah.. maybe i lost too much blood from my head causing me to be a lil crazy.. dont u tink??

ok im not asking for sympathy ok typing all that abt my head.. how does my weekends goes? ok i guess... eheheh..


as usual worked morning shift doing b-track again with fadzlin again and hidayah as the mid-shift again and got to serve guest again.. bla bla bla.. then after worked decided to meet my fren.. and catch a movie hoodwinked.. never heard b4? me too b4 i watch the movie.. it's a G-rated movie.. so wat do u expect?? see a nude scene?? fat hope! hahah.. it's an animation by.. hmm i know it's not from dreamworks or pixars.. so.. i donno wat team made the animation.. hahaha.. i rated the movie 3 but if i were a kid i will rate the movie 4..


as usual worked morning shift doing b-track again with fadzlin again and hidayah as the mid-shift again and got to serve guest again.. bla bla bla.. then after worked go meet my aunt at orchard.. wee.. n i got myself an early prezzie!!! W810i hehehe.. then went back to p.ris and head to li yan's chalet.. i got to conclude that escape-ians just cant see a camera.. they will RUN(literally) to the camera for a picture.. hahaha.. then went home bla bla bla.. sleep..

so yep.. that how my weekend is spend.. oh yah.. there will be a dikirbarat competition on the 26 august at siglap south c.c.. tym?? donno yet.. n urs truly will be participating... hehehe :D

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bile Boring Kat Opis

actually dis thing i wanna post since im on attachment.. but bz mah.. so here goes notink.. heheheh

1st u nid to have a shredder like the pic on top.. and a piece of paper.. then u shred every corner of the paper until it become like dis(pic below)

after that.. u may fold the paper into half and half again n shred every corner just like the 1st one.. and u will get the final product..

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What am i doing?

it's been six weeks since my FYP commences.. n guess wat? ive done notink.. yep.. notink at all.. not even posters.. coding.. GUI oso havent start.. great procrastinator i am.. hehe.. but really.. i nid to motivate myself to start doing.. haiz... 2moro my supervisor would like to see the GUI.. which i havent started.. but ill try to do it at home..

once bitten twice shy.. hmmm.. it makes me thinking.. whether the saying is for learning from mistakes.. or afraid of repeating them.. im confused.. it may sound stupid but hey.. that's the reality now.. u may have learn from ur mistakes but u r still afraid of it.. n bcoz of that.. u r afraid to pursue things.. life's hard aite? hehehe

next werk.. my face will stay at one particular station for so long b4 changing into a new one.. now im already in one.. which is the b-track.. the best part is im oso stick with fadzlin.. and it willbe in the morning shift.. hahahah... so yep.. pushing and pulling the kart has been the normal thing for me nowadays... sori to say dis but we got to face stupid guest.. stubborn guest.. and loads more..

i think that's parts and parcel in guest relations huh?? wat to do.. werk mah.. without them there's no escape w/o escape there'll be no us.. so thank u guest! heheheh...

i hope i can stay long enuff to see my own glory..

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Monday, July 10, 2006


waiting can be such a bore, tired, bla bla bla.. but ppl still do wait.. y? i donno i just cant answer dat.. it seems that time will go slow when u wait.. but wat to do? u still nid to wait.. be it ur results, ur frens, or WORLD CUP FINALS.. hehe.. actually im waiting for the match to commence..

sori for the long absence.. yeah.. waiting again huh? i dont tink ppl wait for my post.. but yeah.. will just type yah!~

im really tired.. malay production ends oredi.. yep.. a performance.. which.. hmm.. i tink we did OKLA.. the drama was great! the rest was ok.. b4 the performance itself we nid to rehearse which was tiring.. but yeah.. it was a fruitful one..

then i still nid to werk.. where i did B-Track.. go-kart with passenger.. it's tiring but enjoyable.. hehe. but still tiring.. haiz!~


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