Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cant wait

it's been awhile since i felt uneasy during night time.. i donno y.. i think sometink bothering me but i donno wat.. haiz!~ suddenly i will go all moody.. feel like spending the tym alone..

ive been spending my fasting days at home.. on bed.. haha.. i will wake up near afternoon.. then will slack on bed till break fast.. haiz.. not productive at all k?? wishing to be fat by doing dis.. but fasting mah!~ how to get fat?? unless i dont fast and eat non stop.. which i wont do lah.. hahaha.. i donno y but i like fasting.. make u feel... how to type.. feel.. light.. yah i think dat's the word

i got 2 weeks left.. yep 2 weeks exactly.. 14 days.. b4 my enlistment day.. i want more tym yet i cant wait to be enlisted.. contradicting aint it?? hahaa.. i want more tym coz i want tym to spend with all my frens.. yep.. b4 i get enlisted.. it will be hard for me after enlistment day u see.. only be able to book out during weekends.. the tym available for my frens will be limited.. hmmm..

cant wait to be enlisted bcoz.. i hate to see wat's happening ard me.. for me to know lah.. haiz!~ y is this happening?? at some point i feel the guilt.. haiz!~

maybe i shld sleep early and relax my troubled mind.. gd nite then..

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Long Tym

long tym never update my precious blog.. hahah.. not that precious lah.. but only a blog which stores lot of my memories.. hahaha stupid2 jokes.. alot lah abt the blog.. 3 years oredi leh the blog.. hahaha

actually there's alot in mind to blog abt.. but as i login to blogger all the ideas dissapear.. haiz!~ wat to type abt i oso donno..

yesterday went to nite safari!!! wooohhooo!~ it's my 1st tym.. im so excited to see all the nocturnal animals.. like binturong, tapir and others.. woohhoo the animal show was abit fun too.. abit disappointed cannot carry the phyton! and the trainers!! the malay one especially.. quite chio! hahaha

it's funny lah to see ppl who just doesnt listen.. either dont understand or stubborn.. no flash!!! no flash!!! hahaha.. it's the same rules repeated u see?? haiyooo!~ poor animals.. hope they are not blinded by the flashes from stubborn guests' camera..

hope can go there again.. i still have zoo in plan.. jurong bird park.. hehehe.. but nah.. 2 weeks left for me b4 enlistment..

just now went to pattaya garden for break fast with the escapians.. just a few of us.. not all.. oklah long tym never seen them.. hehehe.. will miss them lots.. haiz!~

ok then.. for my next update i donno when!~

till then take care..


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Thursday, September 13, 2007


i think it was jan 2006.. or feb.. where i went to escape themepark for an interview.. im with this one gerl.. waited at GR(guest relation) office for someone who called IMRAN..

a few minutes later we were greeted by that someone.. then we were brought to the place where the crews called it cool escape.. there we were greeted by the manager.. SYED MASHOOR.. and we were interviewed by both of them..

the interview went well.. one week later IMRAN called and ask whether i can work for the chinese new year or not.. so definately i say yes.. hahah.. my 1st station was haunted.. there i get to know Bashar and Fadzil..

then i was stuck there i think for the whole 2 months.. by that tym.. i had a few cliques.. hmmm.. not sure who.. hahah.. wat i know is my cuzzin included.. then we began to slack after work.. getting closer and closer to each colleagues..

then on the 9 of sept 2007 i decided that i wld be my last day..

im gonna miss the hot sun..

im gonna miss the joy, laughter and confusion caused by the guests

im gonna miss the joy, laughter and tears shared among colleagues

im gonna miss the smoking session

im gonna miss all abt ETP and The PPL Working There!!

Guys and Gerls.. I really hope the bond will last..

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hepi Belated Bday

i would like to wish hepi belated bday to.. erm.. to... my blog! yeay!~ yesterday.. or shld i say on the 31 august (merdeka!!!)..

my blog turn 3 on the 31 august!! and dis is the 317 post!~ hahaa.. im so hepi lah i really donno dat my blog can last dis long.. from my 1st year of poly.. till i graduate oredi!~ wah!! super terharu..

my ups and downs in life.. has been shared here.. so yep.. i grow with dis blog.. i hope this blog will remain.. till the end.. insyaAllah

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