Wednesday, January 25, 2006


the 1st one isan Decepticons and the 2nd is a AutoBots Logo.. yep.. legends carton now back on kiscentral.. but it's not as great as the 80's transformers! i use to sing "Transformers Robots in the SKY!" where the corect lyrics is "Transformers~ Robots In DISGUISE".. hahahaha..

watching american idol rite now.. n im like laffing my ass off.. hahahah.. sometimes ppl just nid a knock in their head and remind dat they cant sing!~ cant wait for singapore idol to commence where i can laff my ass of more~ ahahaha

and i got great news for me lah!~ im gonna start werking dis saturday!! i dont mind burning my weekend for a job.. not going to tell ya wat job! hahaha.. but a bit nervous lah.. since i know nobody there.. hope i up for the job.. n hepi with it..

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The Video Is For Gerls

got the video from my frens profile(friendster).. it's super nice.. just wait a moment for it to upload n u will see the superb result..

1 down 2 more to go.. yep.. finished my marketing report which need to be hand up 2molo.. n yep still deciding whether i want to go to the australia study talk or not.. hmmm.. hope i can dream abt it.. if i do then ill go.. heheh..

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Monday, January 23, 2006

It's been Long(today's post gonna be in malay)

dah lame tak update... lame ker?? entah eh..tak ingat lak last post biler.. but watever it is.. im posting now.. hehehe... skrg pun ngah kat lab.. haiz!~ tak tau ape nk buat.. *yawns* sume ngah main netbig2.exe.. game daidee/taitee/taiti/daidi kat comp.. memandangkan leh kai IP kan.. so dorg main together2

smlm pegi ker tepi pantai pasir ris.. celebrate bday adik sedara ku.. tu pun kejap ejr.. pasal erm.. pasal ada plan yg lain yg bakal aku citer.. dah makan kat p.ris.. pastu men basikal jap.. pastu beredar gi bugis lak..

gi bugis pasal ada so called reunion ah.. reunion die we go makan2 kat al-majlis.. yep.. it's like $16 per head.. n we are ard 20 ppl.. but the food is oklah.. maybe it's too "arab" sampai tk tertelan.. hehehehe.. after that was the exciting part.. kiter gi solat kat sultan.. pastu ingatkan nk main bowling.. so kiter jalan ah gi lavender.. pastu.. kat tempat bowling tu ada tournament.. n that tym was 6.40.. the tournament finish ard 7.30+ - 8.. so i decided to wait.. but the rest decided to go bugis n window shop.. so while walking pass sultan(again) it's already near maghrib..

so akhirnya.. kiter decide to solat jer kat situ.. n then patah balik gi lavender main bowling.. yep.. my total score of 2 game is 295 with an average of 174.5.. hehehehe

then after bowling we go for a game of pool pasal.. salah kire in collection of $$$.. so.. kiter decide yg duit belen kiter buat main pool.. pool kat situ best walaupun mahal.. tapi i like the place.. hehehehe

then went str8 home.. yep.. tu jer lah citer smlm.. n smlm.. i saw one person got a perfect score in bowling.. which is 300!

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gd Morning EvryONE!!!

look at the tym.. look at the tym this post is typed.. hahaha.. see yesterday sleep too early n then wake up very early n now couldnt go back to sleep.. next tym no more early nites for me.. haiz~

1st n foremost:


yep.. yesterday is her bday.. n bcoz i got performance.. i cant celebrate.. im really sorry ibu.. :'(

yesterday my performance was delayed from 11.45 am to 1.45 pm.. hahah.. we got to wait for 2 hours b4 our performance.. y?? bcoz we were late to go to the mainstage.. hahaha.. "janji melayu"... but this tym round the performance is better than the thursday one... btw the pic on top is the costume we wear..

toking abt pic.. dah lame kan tk post2 pic kat bloggy ni.. hmmm.. it's either malas nak upload.. or dah tkde gambar lagi ni tunjuk.. if u still wanna see my pics.. u can click HERE

oklah that's all.. nk bobok!!! nyehehehehe... gd pagi!~

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tk Nk Blog konon

i just cant not blogging lah.. heheh.. anyways.. yeah.. i dont care wat ppl think.. i live my life as my own.. now ill try to be strong.. stand on both of my feet/legs.. if u dont like my blog.. there's other webby u can go visit rite?? hahahaha

*hugs my monitor* how i miss u bloggy!!~~~ *muacks* hahahah ok LAME.. mcm nam french tch aku.. Didier LAME.. hahaha.. tapi it's pronouce as LAM not LAME(LEYM)... ok dah lame tk blog kan.. so karut2 sikit dulu ah.. muqaddimah lah kire.. nyehehehehehe

my fan in my room spoilt.. so everyday it's hot... when it's the rain season it's too cold to even on the fan.. but when the sun has rose again.. my fan dontt want to werk.. i donno y.. maybe majok ngan aku kot?? hahahah(kai kot lak dah mcm mesia)

did u notice there's always 3 lines per paragraph?? hahaha.. ok lame lame.. i know.. relax k?? sit back n njoy reading.. i tink i took ur 5 mins to read all this crap.. now let's begin the real thing..

last tuesday went to rp(republic polytechnic)'s open house.. at the new building.. at woodlands.. the new building isnt totally complete yet.. but there's portion of it where complete oredi n there's where the open house, booth and all is held.. 1st tym round.. we go n take the goodie bag.. yep.. it's impt to take that in every open house.. free stuffs n all.. n the we went str8 to level 2.. where it's jammed pack with sec sch students.. hahah.. really uncomfortable.. n bcoz of them we are like abandoned.. tk dilayan same sekali.. sad kan?? hahahah

then we went up to level 3.. there it's abit organized lah.. there's the SHL(sports, health and leisure,, i think), SEG(engineering), material science, applied scienced, biomed, biotech, alots more lah.. it's better lah really at level 3.. after deciding to call it a day.. we went down to level one(mcm bodoh kan, mestilah) n wnet to the booth where they give goodie bags.. n yep we got another bag.. not the plastic bag type of bag.. but bag literally.. it's nice~ n it's green!~ hahahah...

just now was the 1st day of nyp's open house n my 1st day of performance.. seriously.. the performance sux.. yep.. it sux to core.. the lead singer voice couldnt be heard.. n the beat are not clear enuff.. but yeah.. i havent visit my own open house.. hmm how shld i put it.. i havent ggot the tym to visit all the booth in nyp which made for the open house..

i think that's all.. it's long enuff for u guys..

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Im Gone~ Out Of Ur Lyf~

hey guys.. guess wat?? since im tired of everything(read my last 2 post).. so im bidding farewell.. yep...

u can still beep me.. but yeah.. farewell.. i tink dis will be my last post.. so yep..

bye bye.. Sayonara.. Au Revoir.. Assalamualaikum..

Oh Yah.. N thanks ah!~

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Monday, January 09, 2006

In The Lab (Again)

havent start lesson but the lecturer is here.. but wat the hell even if he's here i never concentrate.. herhehehehe...

now im influenced to become a teacher.. u know y?? watched dangerous minds on saturday.. it's nice!!! super nice.. 4.5/5... it's an old movie but i donno y i decided to watch it only now.. maybe because there's none i know have the cd.. and only now they decided to show the movie on teebee when im home.. u gotto watched it guys n gerls.. it's super nice...

oh yah.. forget to wish Muhammad Sufiyan and Laney a very hepi bday... maybe laney will read dis post.. maybe lah eh... pasal die tu tk tentu lagi...

n yeah.. my wireless connection at home got sometink wrong with it n i donno y.. haiz!~~ it always happens when i got a lot of project and alot of researching need to be done.. haiz!~ dengki ah!~ maybe my comp dont want me to graduate early.. hehehehe.. no lah cant say dat way.. if happen ah! i dont wanna waste another 6 months at dis boring skool..

talking about skool.. just now got several group of sec skool arrive at my skool to look ard lah.. n yeah.. they all like standing outside the class and we are inside.. like watching a skool of fishes inside the tank... n the funny thing is my fren can wave at them.. hahahaa... so not shy sia!~ but funny lah.. imagine u are inside the class doing ur werk.. and then a whole grp of student watching u frm outside.. kalau ada yg lawa tkpe jugak.. hahaahah

till here then... dont forget to miss me k?? hahahahaha

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Friday, January 06, 2006


im tired.. really am.. tired of everything.. studying.. getting lazier n lazier.. cca activities in skool.. dont say lah.. n everything else in life.. but wat im most tired of is being a fren..

yes true.. im tired of being a fren.. give them shoulder to cry on.. shower them with care.. lend listening ears.. give them advice.. keeping their secrets.. i donno.. is that wat a fren do??

yes i like being inquisitive(did i use the werd correctly) but hey! dont take the advantage of pouring all on me.. yes i might be there to help u.. infact im always there.. but ask urself will u be there for a fren in need??

im tired of being a shelter when the rain comes and left abandoned when the sun shows up again.. i just want to be treated fairly.. frens laff and cry together.. not went u have probs u come and leave when u are hepi.. not that.. let's share those happiness together.. the more the merrier i shld say..

im tired of being the one who always look for ppl.. im tired of trying to keep the bond between us alive.. but u guys.. did u guys even put the slightest effort for us to enjoy our lives together?? oh yah.. i forgot.. u guys got other commitments rite?? bike.. werk.. gf.. i dont mind all that.. but u guys tend to blame me for being quiet.. wat? u expect me to look for u guys every now n then??? when u guys dont even bother whether im alive or not???

im jealous of my late bro.. he really got the real fren.. the fren in need.. the fren who is always there for him.. the fren who will remember him the rest of their lives..

but wat the hell.. im not him.. im just the plain, stupid, ugly muhaimin.. haiz!~

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sometink Disturbing


1st of all i wld like to tell u that.. the one on the left wearing black is me.. the head is my fren's n the other two frens on the right hand side..

the disturbing part is if u see a hand on the rite hand side on top of my fren who was wearing a white cap... there's no one there when we took the picture.. seriously.. the picture is not editted or anything... so.. hmmm i donno wat happen but picture tells a thousand words huh?

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2nd Post of Too-Oh-Oh-Seeks

b4 i start anything i wld like to say that.. ive fallen in luv... nope u did not read it wrongly.. i confess.. im in love.. with.. kyle from americans next top model... she's so BEAUtiful...

next i got to choose a specialization soon.. hmmm.. still thinking wat to put as a 1st choice.. either logistics or software engineering... hmmm.. still need to think... aiyaaa.. both got it's pros n cons..

wat goes around comes around.. if someone play with ur feelings.. believe me.. someone else will play with theirs.. hhehehe.. evil am i?? but that's wat really happen.. God is Fair.. God will not let u suffer alone.. at least there's others who will suffer with u.. so remember this u r not alone!~ hehehe

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tahun Baru! New Year.. It's Two-Oh-Oh-Six

yep.. a new chapter of life is beginning..

new resolution...

yep that's all..

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