Monday, November 28, 2005

In The Lab part deux

not concentrating as usual.. but i symphatize the lecturer he's like talking all alone while the others bz with their own stuffs.. n me?? hehehe.. online comic does the trick..

since naruto online manga has not been updated for quite awhile.. i changed to reading fullmetal alchemist.. it's abt.. two brothers who study alchemist from books.. then they lost their mother.. to see her mother smile once again, they try to transmute human being(their mother)... as a result.. the younger brother loses his body n the older brother loses his right arm and left leg..

so the youger brother(Alphonse) live with only a soul and an armor for a body.. the big brother(Edward) promised Alphonse to restore their body back as normal.. so there.. their journey begins!!

wat i like abt this manga is the brotherly love.. from one brother to another... it's so nice.. n im so jealous!! hehehe.. they like have only each other to depend on.. not like siblings nowadays.. they have frens.. which sometimes they put ahead of their own siblings or even families..

Frens Come n Go But Family Remains FOREVER

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Too Much and Notink Is The Same

i shld have been asleep long tym ago but nah still here typing this donno wat.. lately been sleeping late.. but it's ok.. i rarely sleeps early.. hehehe..

i shld say.. too many or too much means the same as notink.. for example.. wind.. too much of wind will cause natural disasters i.e the hurricane.. it's the same as no wind at all.. it will be humid n hot.. too many or notink at all will bring the disadvantages of evrything..

so i guess.. ive just have too much of sometink.. until myself cannot control and made my life depress... wat's that sometink? i dont tink i shld type it here.. n plz.. dont bother to ask me either.. i would not answer unless someone who i feel that i wanna tell then i tell.. if not.. then im sori.. it's just hmm how shld i put it? too personal?

just now went to my grandunt's place as there's an open house.. ate some noodles n bone steak! weee!~~ nice! super nice.. if u want bone steak that beats beach rd's.. order from my grandaunt.. heheh.. then went home to change to baju raya as me n my family was going to a perjumpaan hari raya at pasir ris.. the guest of honour is Mr. Teo.. the ministry of defence n.. erm.. forgot.. the show was.. OK-LAH.. the emcee was like talking alone.. the food is not spicy.. not malay dish at all.. but i give it 3/5 for the effort n the malay dancers.. heheheh...

so just a phrase of advice "Just Do it but dont Overdo or Underdo it"

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

After A Long Tym

sori for not updating that often.. not that notink been happening just that.. my mind is not on the right track and i just cant think clearly.. yeah sometink is bothering me but i donno wat.. depression? maybe.. hahah "depression is treatable" hahah

ok watched harry potter oredi.. on the 16 nov.. the movie.. hmm oklah.. the effect all that was great but it didnt really show cedric, viktor, fleur n cho that much.. it's just like they are extras not co-stars.. n erm.. i think it's hard for the non-readers of harry potter to actually understand wat is happening.. n yeah dumbledoor/dumbledor is suppose to be more like an old man n calm n donno wat.. it's just that the new actor for that role is TOO energetic for an old man.. the way he speak the way he act.. hmm.. it's just not convincing enuff.. 3.5 from me..

notink much happen after that day except of going jalan-raya wif the sec skool frens.. hmm.. fun? oklah not that fun.. maybe i was tired? or maybe sometink else.. then after dat no more interesting happen.. mostly go out wif the family to open house n all.. wedding receptions.. that the most of it lah..

then post-exams celebration.. ahuh.. with the A-level takers n O-level.. played bowling.. it was fun i shld say.. in the 1st game the top player was a fren who's a gerl.. heheh ego! no lah she was gd i shld say.. she played consistently... nah further more all there played just to have lots of fun n laffter.. not to beat each other.. heheh...

n yeah today brings me to smile widely.. my sis passed her PSLE... im proud of her.. altho it's not as gd.. but at least she passed! n will be promoted to sec 1 next year... im so proud.. altho im not the one teaching her.. hahah.. then for celebrating i suggest makan at swensens.. hahah 1st tym having a meal at swensens.. usually will only be eating ice cream there.. today with appetisers, meal n desserts! heheh im hepi.. but yeah mind still bothering...

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Monday, November 14, 2005

In the lab

b4 the start of lab.. so blog lor.. when reach home no mood to blog oredi... how i spend my weekends? let see.. i go raya-ing!! heheh.. saturday went with my sec frens n yesterday went wif the silat mateys..

on saturday went to tamp as the bus will pick us all there.. yep as usual some are late.. but yeah the bus reached on time so no need to wait further.. we ended our journey at 11.30 n i reached home at 1 am.. so tired... but i slept at 3 am..

the next day went out with the silat mates.. as usual some are late.. n me the 1st one to arrive.. haiz!~ then sometink happen otw to huda's house... me n ed didnt alight at the stop we are suppose to alight and end up at bukit batok interchange.. hahah... it was damn funny thing... u got to be there.. hhaahaha... then reached home at 12..

today having nite class with my eyes half-opened.. *yawns*

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

After 2 days of celebration..

1st and foremost.. to jannah.. comment is now click-able.. heheh.. sori lah lambat sgt nk buat die click-able.. talking abt comment.. erm.. wat's the dif between the comment link n taggie?? u can leave ur comment on the taggie kan?? anyways.. i have both.. hahah

after 2 days of raya.. i covered.. erm.. 5 houses in total.. heheh.. lil family? no.. it's just that there's no enuff tym.. my mom gotto werk on the 1st day of raya.. so we leave house ard.. erm.. 2 pm.. or 3.. n then went to granddad's place.. n then to gramdma's place(my dad's side) n slack there for hours!! n then to my uncle's place.. n then home we go as my mom need to werk the next morning as well n need rest..

for 2nd day.. same thing went out at ard 2 plus.. went to erm.. i tink shenton way.. where the offices are there.. to collect my dad's car's road tax.. n then went to harbour front for our brunch.. we ate at breeks... the food was OK-LAH.. ate melted chicked patie.. then went to my grandaunt's.. n then to another grandaunt's and then home as my dad need to work at 10 pm n my mom nid to wake up at 4am later..

so later.. donno how.. where going.. or... hmmm... someone msg me during malam raya.. i think wat she said was true.. we go to our cuzs' place.. then the forgive n forget session.. then after that we start to "gossip" abt them.. then the next year the same cycle will happen again.. dont u think sometimes life is boring?? how to make things new?? ask the grandparents to come to our house?? that's new.. nobody have ever done dat b4..

hope there will be a happier aidilfitri for everyone who's celebrating.. take care.. enjoy the kuehs..

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hari Kemenangan

after a month of fasting(29 days to be precise) we are going to celebrate hari raya puasa or eidul fitri.. im excited yet sad too..

excited to eat all those kuehs n all those foods n all those on the tables... hehe.. not forgetting "ang pow".. nah will not receive dat many dis year but still i will still receive it altho not many.. to celebrate it wif family n frens n love ones..

sad bcoz.. dis year is my 1st year celebrating hari raya w/o my grandmama.. last year w/o my bro.. n this year w/o both.. it's sad.. wonder if all my cuz will still come here 1st.. and im sad bcoz the holy month has ended.. the month where we feel the pain and suffering of those who is poor and those who "takde kemampuan"..

it's gonna be a totally different thing for me.. usually.. after the 1st day of visitting.. my grandmama will wait for our return.. n will enter my room just to ask "byk koleksion nari? kalau byk mintak lah sikit".. heee.. those werds.. how i miss them.. how she will hug me n kiss my cheeks when i ask her for her forgiveness.. her blessing.. how i feel the tears roll down my cheeks.. hers n mine..

n my bro.. not forgetting him... he's the one who is always there for me.. the one to share.. the one who i had fun with... during raya.. surely we will go to the prayers together.. having fun on the way to the mosque... i remembered last 2 years(our final year celebrating together).. we didnt go to the same mosque as he was riding his bike n me wif my dad.. i reached home 1st.. n while watching the teebee.. he came to me n said "adik tgk ni.." he showed his bruises as he just fell from the bike.. n i asked "mcm mane leh gitu?" he said "tkde.. tadi abg nk peng seposen(corner baring) abe ada minyak so ter lajak ah.." know wat? i laffed n asked "kat ane?" he said "kat carpack tadi" i burst out laffing n said "tu lah nk peng2 lagi.. kalau ada sposen kat rd tu nk kutip takpe gak" n we both laff.. n when i ask for his forgiveness.. the last advise he gave was "ape2 yg adik tau abg buat tu tak btol.. adik jgn.." see.. how concern he was towards me..

Oh Allah.. plz bless both of them and place them in the place where u promise happiness.. Plz.. forgive all their sins.. wat they have done during their lives..

btw Selamat Hari Raya to All.. Maaf zahir n batin..

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