Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hepi new year

would like to wish everybody.. young and old.. a very hepi new year!

there's alot ive been tru in 2007.. the glory.. te sadness.. the disappointment.. the happy moments.. the dis the dat.. alot!! it have just made me stronger! stronger physicall, mentally and emotionally.. hah!

ytd for countdown, me aliman, syuk, fatin, rohaidee and dewi went to esplanade.. parked our bikes at sultan mosque.. and walk all the way to esplanade.. it as along nice walk.. it's been awhile since i walk dat distance... at esplanade bridge we met imran jr. and his gf.. while waiting for the clock to strike midnight we played poker cards.. 1st game was bluff next was 7 diamond.. hehehe..

the fireworks display was super nice.. haiz!~ i hope for sometink.. but dont think it will happen.. it didnt happen tru out 2007 and i dont thik it will happen for 2008..

all i wsh for 2008 is tym.. tym for my family and frens.. and above all.. learning how to appreciate things dat i have..

so hepi new year again to all.. take care..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 5:19 PM