Saturday, November 03, 2007

DDC Band

haha.. that's wat my squadmates call ourselve.. DDC? donno?? dong dong cheng!!! hahahaha nearly a month tru NS.. it has been fun..

ups and downs here and there.. a lil dispute... but wth yah?? ppl always have all kinds of feelings and emotions.. wooohoo.. alot alot of fun in camp and out camp.. hehehe..

classes have been great so far.. alot to learn.. and the book super thick.. reminds me the days in poly.. hehee.. but this time round we have less than 3 months to study.. hahaha.. i think one sem is more than that aite?? hehehe..

bunk-mates.. is uber cool!~ there's 10 in each bunk.. my bunk there's nick, tarry, me, panjang, ah beng, deeg, hassan, bob, teddy and wenhao.. oh yah.. our squad is pure pes c9.. but we dont like like pes c9.. hahah.. it's all due to sports injuries.. hahaha.. let me tell u a lil bit of each of my bunk mates..

nick: he got a brain op during k2.. and had been in coma for 2 weeks..

tarry: not sure quite a quiet guy..

panjang: super tall guy.. hahaha.. but full of vulgarities..

ah beng: cool guy who can flare.. oh and we also call him the sleeping budha

deeg: mambo guy.. b4 ns use to go mambo every wednesday..

hassan: our squad ISD.. hahaha.. alot info.. and been in the media trade

bob: a guy who likes fishing..

teddy: he entered singapore idol in the 1st season.. yeah he really can sing.. and he's the one who always we picked on

wen hao: muscle man.. but due to some skin probs.. he's in pes c9..

so that's abt my bunk.. woohooo... njoy the 3 months as much as possible!~ really!

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