Tuesday, September 07, 2004


argh!!~~ ok i tik dis blog will be the place where i release all thetension that's bothering me as wat am i abt to write is also frustrating...

ok 1st.. yesterday i am prepared to make myself study in the middle of thenite.. but bcoz of my laziness i slept.. that's not all.. i slept without anything p in my head for today's test.. n as u guessed it.. i've one like the secondary school years.. read in the bus.. but fortunately i woke up early n went to skool early...

i manage to coer all the topics for todays test BRIEFLY.. so i am so called prepared.. hehehe.. at 10.45 we were asked to enter the examination hall.. to check our papers n all...

and yeah... during the test an unfortunate event happen to me.. always me... my calculator spoil!!!~~~ aint dat great.. i cant do ALL the section B.. 50 mark gone.. but wif my alent of cheating(but i dont use it for cheating only to communicate) i borrowed my fren's calculator.. wah!!~ at least one out of two section B i manage to do.. muahahaha.. 25 marks..

donno whether can pass dis test or not.. n yeah.. better get myself a new calculator b4 dis thurs.. as my math's paper will be on thursday.. the subject that i have yet to cover.. muhahaha

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