Wednesday, September 01, 2004


dis stupid comp is driving me nuts.. wtf!!~~~ why the hell did my dad think of a cordless mouse?? n then after reformatting he's using windows ME... what is he thinking man??? windows ME is such a crap.. like f***

got to change the mouse.. the OS.. n much more... b4 everything bcomes corrupted.. even more b4 my brain bcome corrupted...

y only after 12am all things starts to go wrong.. juz thinking of having a sweet sleep but probs after probs arose.. like i cant be hepi... even if i try i juz cant... one after another.. back to back.. action packed or better called problem packed life...

endurance?? kesabaran??? faith??? ketabahan??? wat the hell wif these werds?? i'm i lacking of them... or juz too much until it's all gone?? argh!!!~~~ cant sleep now!!~~ so wat to do??? jumping from the window??? thought of that but i'm only at level 3... how can i be dead dat way... i wanna sleep for god sake!!~~~ but i juz cant!!~~ too many things bothering me!~~ i donno wat...

how can i do my revisions if things like dis starts to happen?? am i gonna fail dis common test??? i only got two papers for god's sake... only 2.. but am i giving up??? wat's the matter wif me??? *banging the head on the wall*...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 3:34 AM

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