Thursday, September 30, 2004


yeah my result abt juz now's appointment was disapointing.. my breathing result was bad.. worse from the previous appoitment.. argh!~ it's all bcoz of me.. i dont take my medication as told.. haiz!~ am i juz plain lazy or wat?? i donno

juz now i relise that(wif the nurse telling me) stress triggers asthma... wow!~ n i was lyk stress all day n all nite 24/7.. but nowadays im ok.. no syntoms of asthma at all... maybe it's juz my mind not thinking of dat sickness nowadays.. haiz!~

alngkah best nye kalau ilang ni semput... pasal semput lah stamina aku kurang(smoking too) haiz.. ok bulan posa nak dekat so the peluang to quit smoking is much higher?? hope so... besok hope i can do the BIS thingy... yeah ERP tutorial assignments still got to do.. but yeah got to understand the MRP topic 1st..

ok lah tak nak type pepanjang nanti korg penat baca.. macam compo lak.. so ni je lah.. mintak2 sihat.. n yeah lagi 4 bulan kene jumpa tu doctor lagi.. haiz!~ obat jgn lupa makan!!~~~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:06 PM

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