Monday, October 18, 2004


1) pierce your nose or tongue?
i wld like to pierce my throat..

2) be serious or be funny?
depends lah..

3) drink whole or skim milk?
wat's a skim milk??? erm??

4) simple or complicated?
simply complicated...

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *

5) drinkin or smokin?
both?? but yeah quitting...

6) vodka or jack daniels?
can i choose or??

7) fighting or sleeping?
oways sleep never fite.. but i want to try...

8) lust or love?
Depends.. u cannot juz depend on love to MAKE LOVE.. hehehe

9) sunrise or sunset?
sunrise is a pain in the eye.. sunset is when lite becomes dark.. gd into ebil!~

10) M&Ms or Skittles?

11) rap or rock?
indies plzzzz

12) dating or knowing more gals?
knowing more frens...

13) TV or radio?
all mass medias

14) pink or blue?
pink AND blue

15) rock-climbing or flying fox?
flying MUHAIMIN!~

* . . . A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . . *

16) Do you have a boy/gerl fren?
erm.. both?

17) Who is it?
so lot to mention..

* . . . D O Y O U P R E F E R . . . *

18) being hot or cold?

19) tall members of the opposite sex?
erm.. *wonders* who's taller than me??

20) sun or moon?
without sun u cant see the moo.. n without moon the nite wll be in total darkness...

21) emeralds or rubies?
emeralds is green n rubies are red n i like both. so can i choose both??
22) left or right?
left = hospital, right = PA..

23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
1 bestest fren

24) sun or rain?
if it's rainy wat for to ask for somemore rain???

25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate icecream?
strawberry is nicer...

26) gold or silver?
Mind U!~ boys cannot wear golds!~

27) green beans or carrots?
carrot altho green beans are green...

* . . . M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . . *

28) What is your biggest fear in the world?
HIS punishments?

29) Porsche or Ferrari?
depends... but it's useless in sg.. as the speed limit only 90km/h

30) Kids or no kids?

31) Cat or dog?

32) gays or lesbians?
donno but i'll go.. "EEEeeeEEE" if i saw a gay but "she's lesbian... erm.. ok"

33)Mustard or ketchup?
sweet chili puhleess... with mayo

34) Hard cover books or soft cover books?
hard cover if i want to keep the book for a long period of time

35) Newspaper or magazine?
newspapers = for short stories, mags = for reading ppl probs..

36) Sandals or sneakers?
looking for sandals rite now

37) Wonder or amazement?

38) Red car or white car?
red.. more sporty color

39) Happy and poor or sad and rich?
Rich n Happy..

40) Singing or dancing?
Singing to myself.. dance whens nobody's ard

41) Hugging or kissing?

42) Corduroy or plain?
ape binatang tu?

43) Happy or sad?
those who are clever will choose sad.. -_-"

44) roses or daffodils?

45) Blondes, brunettes?
pure black hair... or tudungz!!~~

* . . . A B O U T Y O U . . . *

46) What time is it?
1.53 pm

47) Full name?
Muhammad Muhaimin Bin Kamisan Bin ... Bin... Bin... Bin...

48) Nickname?
Fr3aK, Min, Mint, Muhai, Aimin, mimin, freaky, freako, priak.. nak lagi?

49) Names and ages of siblings
Khairani- 1984-2004
Izzati- !993-present
Atiqah- 1994-present

50) Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?
DIDnt count

51) Date that you regularly blow them out?
erm... blowing candles?? whens there's blackout

52) Pets?
cannot have one due to my sickness

53) Height?
1.76(think so)

54) Eye color?
Some say it's brown n some say it's balck... can i say it's red?

55) Hair color?

56) Piercings?

57) Clean guy/gal/ pierced guy/gal?
Clean Gal

58) Who's the person on your mind right now?
My Lecturer Mr Alan Ang.. *wondering* how am i suppose to face him

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