Sunday, October 24, 2004

THE HELL wif the plan i made...

yeah previous entry was abt my plan for today rite?? yeah it all when upside down n inside out.. y?? hehehe.. let me tell u y...

1st: want to wake up at 9 am but yeah.. after a fren woke me up n reminded me abt smurf i was juz like "ermmmm ok... ah... nak bgn ni..." but after dat.. "zzzZZZZzzz..." hehehe...

2nd: wanna have a hair cut at 11 am.. but yeah.. dat tym i was still "zzzzZZZzzz..."

3rd: finally woke up at 3.15 pm.. woohhoo btol nye penat beb.. tapi yeah.. go for a haircut.. have to wait for like 1/2 hr.. n end up my dad was like "ko gunting ke tak ni??" i was juz pissed off.. haiz!~ its ok.. its my hair.. muahahah

4th: never expected my aunt wld come.. yeah they had their break fast here.. n then they all went to geylang.. i wanted to follow but lazy ah...

5th: never go terawih.. instead laze at home watching "the mask".. ive watched dat movie for a zillion tyme(methaforically) still cannot get enuff of it...

but yeah today like got to study for exam... n yeah 1st paper is.. maths!!~~ wth!~ havent study one bit!~ hehehe... ok take care...till next tym.. muacks!!~~~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:09 PM

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