Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Im Suppose To Be Studying

Hey All...

yeah as the topic states.. im suppose to be studying now.. but yeah.. i still can change my blog skin!!~~ woohhhooo SMOKING KILLS!! muahahahaha

tommorow's maths paper.. but i can still walk2 at geylang juz now wif both of my cuz... n another fren of ours... it's fun tho... walk2 w/o any arah tujuan.. n then our fren ah bought us dendeng!!~ maceh ah dila!~ n then chill at the playgrd at eunos.. tok tok tok.. n then went home.. still dont want to study still can watch GGPR(gila gila pengantin remaja) n laff the hell out of me..

now as im hepi wif the blog skin n all.. i want to ease myself(again) by reading UJANG!! bumper puasa.. juz bought juz now.. yes ah!! after dat baru blaja... i tink im going to skool early tomolo... to study at skool.. muahahaha study until migrain n then cannot answer the paper.. mampos aku!!~~ muahahahaha

oklah that's all folks..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 2:08 AM

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