Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ramadan Youth Challenge...

Hallo my dear faithful readers... hehehe macam ye ye je aku ni...

Juz now went to abd hamid mosque for iftar as Nur ikhwan(TP muslim society) n NYPMS(NYP Muslim Society) join forces to make an iftar for all the poly students altho there are some non-poly students there...

the event is actually not juz iftar but also some ada programs install for us, the participant, the events include a talk from dr albakri n the problem our fellow muslim face in sudan...

the talk from dr albakri was great... but yeah.. it was too lengthy until my concentration was half gone.. he talk abt ramadhan... yeah.. the wonders of ramadhan.. how ppl from other countries actually celebrate ramadhan... they weep when ramdhan is finishing... they treat as if that ramadhan is the last for them... dr albakri also told us that 3 of his colleagues did not manage to meet ramadhan again dis year... that reminds me of my bro.. how sad.. but yeah not going to show my tears infront of all crowds rite??

he also touch abt the mission we aim in achieving in this ramdhan... yeah.. didnt tot of dat... he says that most of us.. in Singapore.. only treat ramadhan as a chore for celebrating hari raya... that opens up my mind.. y muz we waste the month full of barakah juz like dat for the sake of hari raya??? not only the mission abt fasting in ramadhan but also the mission of we taking up a particular course in poly..

yeah i admit.. i took up EI juz for the sake of the piece of paper called a diploma.. there's no big mission.. or aim dat i have in my mind.. sometimes it does bothers me alot... y i waste my precious 3 years to take up dis course juz for the sake of that piece of paper?? *haiz*..

he also touch on how we may lead the society.. as we all know.. youth or teens are the younger generations of leaders.. if we dont take up the responsibility to become the leader who will?? we muz prepare ourself wif some leadership values starting from now... as our commitment is still less... if we are thinking to shape a society later in our life.. it muz be juz too late... as we have alot of commitments... such as our family, career n stuffs like dat..

so my fellow readers.. plz think of the sake of our childrens future... if we r not to be the leaders.. who else?

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