Sunday, February 20, 2005

The 3rd Post For Today

yeay!!! im happy.. n i really am coz... someone oredi booked for me Half Blood Prince(Harry Potter 6th book)... Thank U a'az really appreciate it.. maybe we can collect the book together?? wat do u think?? thank u very much!!!! i'll get u sometink on ur bday.. i'll surely get u one...

juz now train silat wif my fren cum neighbour,rizal, oklah preparing myself for next week's friendly match wif NUS students.. woooohhhooo... but im not confident for IVP selection... coz i have to face yayat n sub... ermmm... two of the best in NYP silat... but i'll juz do my best... heheheh..

n yeah... i havent study yet.. n the day after 2moro is my test... so later maybe i'll be sleeping really really late for study sake.. hope my eyes will not betray me...

once again, Noor Azlina Bte Johari... i really appreciate ur effort... really!!! thank u very much... i really dont regret knowing u.. n making u my close fren... thanks!!~~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 11:42 PM

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