Sunday, February 20, 2005

Advance Bday Prezzie If U Guys Dont Mind??

yeah!!! the new book of harry potter is out on 16 july... so can i have an early bday prezzie??? hehehe... i hope the love between ron n hermione going to be told dis time.. bcoz in goblet of fire only hints are given n more hints are given in order of phoenix... but i hope JK rowling really gonna tell us all abt the two of them... hehehehe...

notink much to do today.. juz got home from c.c as there was a meeting of the kompang guys.. hehehe as usual there will be laffter n all.. but yeah juz a short while... hmmm...

yeay! not skooling tommorrow but still got to study.. tuesday there will be a paper on manufacturing process(the module dat i dont understand one bit) and on friday there's paper on maths!~ damnit!!! i got to buck up n study... anyone willing to give me some motivation to open the book n study??

btw a box of ciggy is expensive nbecoming more expesive... it is now $11 argh!!!!! ok better keep smoking b4 my money get easily dried up of smoking.. some ppl will be happy to hear that the ciggy is expensive now *hint hint*

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