Friday, February 11, 2005

Bowling ball roll.... n roll... n roll.... hit the pin....

allo all... here im typing again..

start my day getting annoyed bcoz my mom woke me up drom sleep!!! for u guys info i get easily annoyed when someone disturb my beauty sleep.. but then again it was for my own gd(think so)...

went to the muslim cemetery at jalan bahar.. erm.. visit my bro's.. yeah.. missing him badly.. really.. even tho he had passed away for more than a year.. but still he is fresh in my mind.. his laughter.. his smile.. simply put.. i miss him!!! argh!! God! plz.. make him happy "there"...

then went to JP to have our lunch at siam kitchen... the food was superb!!! n the bowl was like very big.. can put my face into it... hahahaha... very big! but tasty! yum yum!!!

then went to my cuz place.. slacking.. n played boogle for the first time... ok im bad in my vocab so... i did the worst among all!!! argh n still im in poly?? so shy!!!! hehehe.. after that.. went to play bowling!!! wooohhooo!!!!! long tym never played bowling! but yeah.. my skills are all sucky!! my 1st score is 115 n then 104 n then 144 n then l05... haiz!!! i did bad!!! my dad was like "u have no sonsistence in ur play" ok sori dad.. i think im not dat gd in bowling... haiz!~~

n then go back to my cuz place to have our dinner.. woohhooo.. chickeeerrrnnnn curry!!~~ n we are totally hungry that tym.. we finished up all the chheeekkeerrrnn.. hehehehehe...

so reached home ard 11.45.. slack for a while.. n then on the comp n then chat for a while b4 coming into dis webby to update my blog... n here it is!!!

so that's all folks...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:54 AM

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