Saturday, February 19, 2005

No Title..

where have my mood or craving for food has gone to??? i donno lah eh.. when i was young or when i was still in my secondary school life or when im still basically young lah!!! i eat very much.. really i tink that time my metabolic rate was high enuff to consume even 5 meals per day!! woohooo

but now... i only eat one meal per day and the rest of the day will all be junk foods or juz snacks... erm.. i donno wat's wrong wif me.. i simply dont understand myself any more.. but it's ok... there's better things to do than to understand myself...

ok let's talk abt yesterday 1st... erm... finish skool at 11.. n then meet amalina for the club room keys.. went i juz abt to sleep shasha came... n then sri... n then azlina... so my sleeping session has been deleted.. ahakz!~ n then went to north canteen for makan... altho it's my skool but i still dont feel the comfort eating at north canteen.. maybe it's juz the canteen for the SHS n the SBM n im from SIT... so after makan go friday prayers... n then lepak-ing session is on again!~ so yayat n sub went to lab to do their assessment... n then i went to bedok for another lepak session wif my old bedok buddies!!~~ hehehehehe

ok today went to ecp for training... reached there at 7.30 am... had breakfast wif azlina n then we went for a stroll at ecp while waiting for others... ok the time we are suppose to meet is at 8 but they come ard 8.30.. then they still can eat somemore!!! ahakz!~ n then while jogging juz now.. my asthma struck me.. i donno y but suddenly... so i walked slowly to where we put our bags... n feel like fainting but nah!!~~ can still go to 7-11 n mcD... n then play some grouping game.. muahahah it was funny sia!~ n then play the do this n do that game... n then play the so called dog-n-bone-but-one-touch game... n then finish!! heheh n then got to hear some comments from pesilats... n then wooohooo the beach here i come!!!!!!!!!

after we plan to go to JJC so as yayat had promised fana to meet at 3.30 at boon lay... he left 1st wif shasha.. i ought to follow them but i accompany azlina as she wants to follow but she's eating... hehehehe... i was afraid dat she will be all alone in the train from paya lebar all the way to boon lay... but then again i was wrong.. mardia wanted to follow.. hehehe so went to boon lay wif the intention to go to jjc.. but... we reached there at 4.30.. so by the time we reach jjc they are all packing up oredi... so decided to meet yayat,fana n shasha at mcD... then went to banquet as all the three of them wanted to eat...

while eating my jelly fruit cocktail.. my mother called n told me that my grandma is sick so need to rush to amk... erk... from boon lay to amk... yet i can still walk from amk mrt station to my aunts house which is at blk 251(ppl living in amk will know how far it is) so my grandma got some high blood pressure...

my dad wanted to go werk so need to go home as he need to bath n all... so i had a bath n watched the teebee.. n then *poof* here i am infront of the comp... hehehehe

so that's all.. taking care...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:50 PM

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