Sunday, February 13, 2005

Rest day!~

hey all!~

notink to do actually.. so juz feel like updating my blog(actually being pestered by azlina).. as for today im juz gonna rot at home... as friday and saturday i came home quite late.. ard 11.45-12.. haiz!~ i treat dis home juz like a hotel come back juz for a slip.. hehehe... ok let me summarise wat i did for the past 2 days..

friday: went for a swim at skool for the 1st tym... woohhhoo!!! nah but im still weak.. cant even do a lap... so better train hard to get the stamina.. hehehe... n then donna taught me how to dive.. i did badly the 1st tym.. n then the second i did quite ok... n then we race.. heheh n guess wat?! i won!! i juz beat the swimmers(azlina n donna) weee!!~~~ n then have a diving race.. ok that one i have to confess im tired n donna won.. she swam under the water n the furthest... how the *toot* she hold her breath.. hehehe.. n then at 12.30 we got out of the pool.. went to eat n then went for friday prayers... n then as usual the "lepak" at clubroom wif hidayat(our VP), Shahrul(known as ryan), Danial(the pres.), mardia(sick since donno when), donna(the dolphin)... played the game of taitee.. n then we played blackjack.. heheh that game was very very fun... n then came zainal to join our lepak session...

at 5 i go off to meet my cuz n a fren at bugis.. actually looking for a t-shirt but the *toot* most of the shops at bugis village is closed extended holiday for chinese new year i guess.. n then went to beach rd for makan... woohooo... ordered nasi ayam goreng sambal(sambal fried chicken rice).. i was so nice.. n it make me 3/4 full.. m then went to orchard.. 1st stoop.. DFS shop at royal plaza hotel i tink.. n then went to far east.. to look for t-shirt... after long hours of searching.. i found one! weee!!~~ fresh box... n then went to lucky plaza giordano.. my cuz bought some polo shirt.. n then went to tamp.. for another session of lepak.. n then went home

saturday: went for the usual silat training.. ermm... ok still can decide to take up seni or olahraga... argh!!! i donno!!! ok i confess the intention of joining silat at the 1st place was seni.. but..... olahraga seems fun... ok now i cant decide!! help me!! help!!!!

n then followed them to city hall to have our lunch at BK at marina square.. after eating i went off again.. to my frens place as there have a wedding ceremony... so laze there for quite a while n then went to my fren's crip.. woohooo watched power rangers the mobie... miss the old one... miss bulk n skull.. miss lord zed.. miss zordon.. miss alpha 5.. miss all lah!! eheheh

n then watched a movie "thirteen" the movie is abt peer pressure.. it was great to see a 13 year old gerl pierce her tongue, her belly n taking up drugs.. bla bla bla.. n then went back home at 11+.. reached at 11.55pm...

ok that's all i did for the past 2 days...

until next tym...

Rock On N Stay Alive N Take Care

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 2:43 PM

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