Thursday, February 24, 2005

Shake Dat @$$!~~~

*wondering y im here updating my blog yet i have alot to study* yep yep.. coming up next is computing maths 2 common test.. 1 and half hour paper again... ok let's see how fast i can do this tym round aite?? hehehehe....

juz now went to skool tot of studying.. yeah did study for one chapter.. until the mood to study lost n then came the mood for slack.. hehehehe... while waiting for the others(donno who actually i am waiting juz wait) n yayat to finish his test.. we played taiti... erm... n the mat at club room was stolen!!! actually it's borrowed by the vespers(the cheerleaders)!! so cannot lie down..

when everybody's in the clubroom oredi(me, yayat, shasha, a'az, mardia n donna) we went to JP... woohooo... it's been a long tym since ive reached JP for shopping... yeah.. b4 shopping at boon lay mrt station.. donna taught me how to walk funny... hehehe like monkey walk like dat but it's funny!!! heheheheh...

n then start walking like dat infront of all the ppl at JP(exagerating)... no more "malu" oredi... hehehe... n then while looking for sometink.. another somtink dunny happened... donna bang her head on the glass.. muahahahahah damn funny!!~~ nenot hold the laffter inside... muaahahaha.... then after shopping all wanted to go back as a'az got her training.. so took the mrt.. yayat n shasha alight at JP to meet.. erm... PEAS(KACANGS)... heheheh..

ok was on the mrt wif a'az n mardia... i wonder y the song "shake dat ass" make them both go laffing?? wat did i do?? i juz singing lah dey!~ n then a'az alight at redhill... n then me n mardia dropped at eunos.. so took the bus 25 home.. while i was walking to my block.. i saw dis one blind women... erm.. i wanted to help her so i ask where's she's going... n then she said, "blk 20 anyway im here.. thank u!~" wow!!! aint dat gd?? she knows where she is even though she's blind... i really impress wif her talent!!!

btw while shopping.. sometink struck me mind.. do frenship look at appearences?? im sori guys but i have to type dis.. while doing dat stupid-walk they go like "u know them?".. "no i dont" so... wat if i really need to walk dat way?? u wld abandon me?? im sori... to type dis.. but it really hurts... n then somemore.. "u think im befriending a handicap person is it??"... wat's wrong wif being handicapped??? it's juz a slight unperfection dat is visible... hmm.. nah it's ok...

im sori if make u guys feels guilty or anything... juz a tot for share...

Perfection Is Not The Only Thing In Life

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:44 PM

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