Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sori Again...

ok ok sori abt the previous update.. muahahah... really sori about update dat away n make me sound dat i juz wanna commit suicide.. but i dont i love my life i juz hate the never ending problems dat came upon me.. i hate them all!~~ argh!!!

ok guess wat.. im now at SHS(school of health science) resource centre... do wat?? update my blog liau... muahaha.. at ferst a bit shy lah to go to nursings' resource centre n use the comp.. but to my amazement there's no one in the resource center so... yeah.. the shy went off n im using it like im at the SEG block.. nyeehehehhehe...

ok juz now got suprise lab test(actually it's not suprise but we our whole class forgets abt it) we got to make a website of this company of budget ailines like e.g. tiger airways n bla bla bla... luckily the test was an open book one.. so all the students(my classmates) was flipping tru the book like doing a piece of exercise..

oklah it was so called easy lah wif the help of my book... i finish the tesat 1st!~ heheh n meet up shasha(shahrul) at the library n walk towards the clubroom... looking at dayat who is studying i remembered abt my common test which is next week n i havent even study.. argh!!!

so talk talk n then end up here wif azlina n shasha.. after dis acoompanying azlina to eat n go home n then go kenduri... take care all!~ sori abt the previous update aite??? hehehehe thanks for being my fren really appreciate it...


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