Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Morning!~

yeah!!! notink to do.. so blog lah..

1st thing 1st.. let us all wish shasha as today is his 23rd bday.. old oredi lah u... muahahahaha

Hepi Bday to U...
Hepi Bday to U...
Hepi bday to Muhammad Shahrul Ashra Bin Abd. Rahman...
Hepi Bday to U!~~~~~

sori.. i have no prezzie for u.. eh btw kalau belated bday prezzie bley eh?? can eh? puhhlleeezzzz!~ heheheh gonna get u sometink.. hehehehe

ok i donno wat happen... my mom was like shouting today.. i donno it's either her mood is totally not rite or it's the day of the month... that's y im not always home.. i hate high voices.. aiyoo.. so stress.. n then later w/o any mistakes oso get scolded.... haiz!~ but yeah.. she's still my mom.. the one who have been carrying me for 9 months++ n then tot me all those stuffs i need to know... give me the love n care for the past 19 years.. dont she ever get tired of me??

ok lah take care all.. maybe update later abt the performance aite??

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:39 AM

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