Thursday, February 24, 2005


start my day by going to the club room as the keys are wif me so w/o me opening it they all have to wait outside.. hehehe... but im juz always early so i opened the club room and u know wat?? i was like slacking from morning til evening in the cluroom.. erk... nvm... it's a place for slacking anyways.. hehehe...

after that went to ssdc to book my next practical.. it will be on the 4th of march at 4.40 pm.. so if im going for a training on that day i'll be late... n then proceeded to kolam ayer c.c got to train for performance on 27th feb at donno wat tym.. at muhd sultan i tink... erm... n stupid me juz thing dat i will be like welcoming the guests n then done but.... nnnnoooo.... there will be some dance steps.. actually it's many dance steps for us to remember... haiz!~ y am i into dis?? at least i can meet up wif them(the kompang guys)...

reached home at 11.35 pm.. manage to catch kiddy's grade(think so) yeah it was nice anime lah.. but donno wat the hell it's all abt... i was wondering how come japanese drawings are nice?? heheheh no lah not dat im gonna criticise all the other drawers(the one who draw not the drawer...) but japanese manga drawing is so detailed the face n all it's features... donno lah eh...

alot been going on in my head.. but i juz donno wat.. maybe it's due to my stress bcoz of my tests... but yeah.. me??? care abt studies?? u got the wrong person... i wont study until at the eleventh hour.. isn't it gd?? yah rite~~~~~ i donno lah.. juz dat i cant ease myslelf... maybe i'll be going to the beach one day juz to relaxed my crumpled.. put it to ease...

forget abt worrying abt others since SOME of them doeas not even appreciate wat u done for them... some like juz dont bother whether u worryor not.. so.. it's better to worryabt urslef so u get motivated by ur ownself n u wont rely on others..

oklah.. my eyes are half shut.. i dont tink i can hold on anymore... so take care for now... bye bye...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:09 AM

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