Monday, March 21, 2005

1 Year 2 months 2 weeks n 2 days

yep.. the days.. my bros gone b4 my gramndma gone too... *sob sob*.. both my loved ones.. now gone... argh!!! i donno how am i to live this world anymore.. i juz cant find the meaning of living anymore.. yes i know i still got my parents but it aint the same..

my bro been growing up wif me... all the ups n downs we've been tru... n now.. i got to face it all alone... haiz!~

now my grandma... she's the one who taken care of me for the past 19 years.. easily said since i was born... the one who fetch me from skool since i was in nursery to pri 4.. the one who cooked for us(the whole family) meals of the day.. but then again.. when she was here.. i never appreciated all that..

now i truly miss her.. i donno how am i suppose to come back home without anyone asking "dah makan?"(have u eaten)... without anyone saying sarcastically "cepat nari ko balik?"(u r home early) if i ever home early... haiz!~ there's alot of things to be typed out... so i juz hoped u guys could pray for her...

n plz do appreciate those who are still alive n kickin.. coz u wont know how important they were until they are gone... no matter if it's ur parents.. ur grandparents.. ur siblings.. ur relatives.. ur frens.. even ur foes.. plz do appreciate their presence...

take care...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 7:58 AM

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