Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ache Here... Ache There.. Every Where Ache!~~~

the tune is like Old McD song.. hehehe... n yeah... my whole body is aching... especially the abs part.. owwww!!~~~

juz now during silat training got weights exercise.. n yeah never been to a gym before... ahakz!~ lifting up dumbells is out of the question... so.. it's like my 1st tym for everything... woohooo..

anyway the lifting up dumbells is ok.. but it's juz not me to do abs.. n yeah... my abs still hurt... coz of abg nana's abs training!!~~ awwww!!~~ ok u try it n u'll know.. all the trainee like shouting.. muahahaha n like being tortured like dat.... i find it hilarious... hehehehe...

then after training went to my aunt's place as it's my niece bday today(sunday).. n yep no prezzie coz no money... tsk tsk.. n then got like 15 mins sleep b4 proceeding to kallang bahru to go for my kompang training.. woohhooo.. now saturday muz go training.. got eye candy!!! hehehehehehe

n the as usual being the kid... played hide n seek... but actually i have no mood for that... but yeah.. seeing them so hepi made me smile in either way... n then went home... n yeah still havent sleep yet.. hmmm... donno y my eyes not sleepy maybe it's juz saying "when u want to do ur projectS" hehehehehe...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:43 AM

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