Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another Sunday

yep another sunday juz pass me by.. n nope im not going out today.. yeah it's strange to hear im home all day.. yeah strange.. n that's life is.. strange n unfair i shld say... all those who dont agree can juz leave me a tag.. hehehe...

yep woke up early due to the slapping from my mom.. as im late for my morning prayers.. hmmm.. yeah used to it oredi.. n then get scolded for not turning off the computer.. yep.. ok i juz make myself deaf as i juz woke up n have no strength to argue or to listen to her nagging...

so after prayers went to sleep again.. yep... sleep... lazy to wake up actually but yeah.. it's no the time yet... so woke up n saw my sisters in my room.. being the usual me i wld have yell at them n ask them to get out of my bedroom n let me have some peace.. but then again.. as a gd bro.. i juz let them be.. n then juz a few minutes got to help my dad change the curtain as it's getting dirty.. but yeah.. brown n green?? i tink im gonna spend my time at home in my own room..

after helping i help myself to the pc n i was about to update my blog.. n then my mom came nagging again.. haiz!~.. so i juz on the comp n do some blog hopping n saviour of the day arrives.. my aunt, cuz n nephew n nieces came!!~~ weee!~ it's been long since i saw them.. so it was quite fun seeing them played the game bejeweled.. u imagine ard 7 ppl infront of the comp shouting like mad ppl... hehehe but it was a fun experience...

then they left coz my cuz need to go to her mother-in-law's house wif her son n daughters.. so bid gd bye until we meet again... so trying to do my project which i donno how to.. aiyoo.. see.. wanna do alone but donno how to.. haiz!~~~ so stoopid of me.. yep till here... take care bye bye...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 6:42 PM

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