Saturday, March 05, 2005

Banyak Ketawa Nanti Nangis...

translation.. may laffter will bring sad endings... ahuh... n i do believe in that.. no matter wat i try not to be TOO hepi as im afraid dat sometink bad gonna happen the next day or the next month.. or on the day itself...

y i believe in that?? it always happen to that's y.. ok today's class or lab.. as usual programming! so hard lah stirng arrays!~ n then the project somemore.. aiyoo.. really2 donno wat to do for the project.. but better werk it out as im doin it all by myself..

then after dat follow sub to donno where juz follow n then to tampinese for the modem he's looking for since.. erm.. donno... n by the time reached skool it's already 4.. so got sometink on n got back to skool ard 6.30...

decided to go kompang training.. but then again im a fickel-minded as i am.. i decided to go walk2 instead of going for training... yes ah... reached home at 11.. watched last exile... it was nice japan anime.. hehhe..

now lazing on the comp.. btw i wanna say dis... I dont mean to hurt... im realy2 sori.. as i say.. im not a gd fren... nor a gd person... im really sori... i sori...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:00 AM

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