Sunday, March 06, 2005


yeah... i simply am bothered by my probs.. one after another keeps coming but.. yeah.. i try to keep them away as far as possible as there will be alot of sch stuffs to do better than thinking abt stoopid prbs that im facing..

woke up early juz now.. but really the mood for going silat training was juz not there.. so decided to skipped... sori yat.. not taking advantage of u but really juz now really got no mood... n then go str8 to sit infront of the comp... n then after a while my dad came n tell me that he wants to play games.. so juz let him play n i go bath..

received a msg from a'az telling me that she's going for a movie.. so decided to accompany her as she needs to destress abt sometink... watched the movie hitch.. it was damn funny lah.. heheh but have a sad part too.. aiyoo.. lovie dovie thingy!!~~

then meet up wif the silat mates who played bowling... got no money.. so decided to juz watched... hehehe... n then a'az wanna go home n then tot of sending her to the mrt station so wif shasha n sri accompanying me we go to the mrt station.. so as sri wanted to withdraw some money.. a'az followed her as she too wanna withdraw some.. n then that fickle-minded gerl.. dont want to go home.. so sri went to delifrance to buy some garlic bread...

n then a'az wanted to have her lunch so accompany her to look for the best place to eat.. 1st stop subway.. but got to wait for an hour as the bread is not yet baked... n then BK.. so long queue so she dont want.. n end up ad mrs. fields.. bought 3 muffins for the price of 2...

yeah.. it was my first food going into my stomach for the day... hehehe... so walked back to city link n then meet the rest at the escalator that are going towards esplanade... the rest decided to go home left me, shasha n a'az... so we slacked there until 9.45 n gone home...

i slept in the bus n then missed my stop... grrr.. it was the third time!! aiyoo but it's ok.. reached home at 11.30 pm... 1st stop kitchen.. still notink to eat.. so not eating.. but the stomach is making a concert inside...

till then.. bye n take care...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:46 AM

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