Thursday, March 17, 2005

Exams Is Getting Nearer...

yep it is getting nearer.. n yeah my exam is on the 6th n 7th april.. like 3 weeks more to go.. but for those 3 weeks.. ill be very beezee...

next week(week 14):
got c++ common test

week 15:
presentation of all projects n submission of all reports

week 16:

n yep my project n report havent finish yet... aiyoo... hmmm let me think how to handle it..

but yeah i do have plans for my holiday.. either im going for a KL trip wif my cuz n whoever wanna follow or Liverpool trip to visit my granduncle.. n ill be travelling alone... wooohhooo!!~~~ so still donno yet.. juz wait for my gd news... y gd news??

BECAUSE... i wont be in singapore to bother u guys... take care all gd luck for upcoming exams n sesape yg dah abis tu enjoy lah pepuas aite??? n yeah sori for not updating in a very long tym... i donno y i juz seemed dont have the energy to sit infront of the comp anymore...

ok u muz be wondering y i update blog so early in the morning like 6.30 am?? hmmm.. let me tell u a story... juz now at 5 am my mom woke me up as i forgot to turn off the computer.. so woke up n turn it off but yeah.. after closing back my eyes.. my mom rush back in my room n panicly said dat my grandmama is sick... ok i tot i was juz a normal sickness but no..... it's damn hurting to see her condition juz now... i pluck up my courage n then be there by her side... my mom was so panic she even forget the ambulance no.

after a few minutes.. the ambulance came n yeah they did wat they have to do... so my mom followed them to TTSH.. n yeah my sisters oredi went there wif my aunt... me?? got to wait for my dad until he returns home n go wif him i think... i am so worried abt my grandmama... she's like 80+..

for the whole 19 years ive been taken care by her when my mom n dad go to werk.. she will always be there when i need her.. she never feel tired to cook for us the whole family meals.. never tired to help me cook maggie if im in a hurry... she love us so much... haiz!!! im worried n afraid..

no wonder i fell off the bike during my practical lessons.. i knew there's sometink gonna be wrong... im sori nenek!!~~~ :'(

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 6:32 AM

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