Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Exams TimeTable Is Out...

yep.. exam timetable is out... but yeah.. i hate dis sem's exam timetable.. coz my paper will be on 2 consecutive days.. so no tym to prepare last minute.. aiyoo.. ok the 1st paper is Internet Computing it's on the 6th of April.. n on the next day i.e. 7th Of April will be Computing Maths 2... aiyoo u imagine.. maths n HTML!!! aiyoo... got to prepare early.. no more slacking for u muhaimin...

yep im full of projects n yeah not forgetting e-quizzes n report... aiyoo.. all got to finish up by week 15.. n now is already week 12... ishk... aiyoo.. n then next week got common test.. n then the week after next is presentation week.. haiz.. formal dressing n yeah tie.. sheesh.. i wonder how i look in tie.. ermm...

juz now went to skool at 8 am.. but yeah my eyes were half shut all the way until skool finish.. after that went to club room.. yeah... altho the air-con is spoilt my eyes are heavier so took a nap in the club room.. n yeah i woke up sweating.. sheesh.. n then went to catch a movie.. woohhoo.. sunny is so cute!!! hehehe.. the quote "more inventing, more reading n more biting" ahakz!~ funny!!! heheheh

n then as usual lepak session at esplanade... n then went str8 home.. got to be gd boy nowadays.. coz i want my parents prayers to help me excel in my studies... hehehe so til here.. take care...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:44 AM

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