Monday, March 28, 2005

It's Week 15!!!!

yep.. it's the week where all the projects need to be submitted.. the week where all presentations will be on... it's the week where u know u only got another week b4 exams... haiz!~ 1 week till exam!! argh!!!!

yeah.. i still have my project which need to be presented n submitted dis friday.. hmm hope can finish it on tym.. coz i donno a thing.. haiz.. y i took this course in the 1st place... hmmm...

there's two things need to do on wednesday.. yep.. 2 things.. T-W-O... 1st.. presentation for our semestral project.. which my group did on stamping.. not stamp where u need in delivery of letter.. but stamping to bend a piece of metal... n then still not to submit the assignment given... (who is gd in java-script can help me??) hehehehe...

yep.. tuesday got presentation... same presentation but more brief.. as dis is a presentation for comm skills... n yeah as u guys imagined it.. me.. Muhaimin... Fr3aK.. anak Kamisan... will be formal on that day!!!.. n yeah.. wif a TIE.. haiz.. ive neber tied a tie b4.. n yet she expect me to wear a tie.. hmmm....

on yeah.. for today.. got test!!!!!!!! argh!!! test!!! runaway!!! n yeah as u guys guessed it.. i havent study one bit... how to study.. always skip dis module lecture.. hehehehe... yeah i know im bad... but wat to do... the lecture is boring... n the module is more boring to study... hmm hope i can at least pass this module as i dont want to repeat any of the module...

ive been slacking too much oredi.. someone plzz help!! at least scold me!!! haiz.. but im juz plain stubborn... haiz!~... *lights ciggy*smokes*think*

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 8:18 AM

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