Thursday, March 10, 2005


In lab again... waiting for my lecturer he actually gave us tea break n then yeah.. we have return yet he hasn't... like last week... we were left in the lab like stupid fools.. but it's ok.. hehehe..

ok gd gd news for 2 days straight man!! im so so hepi... i hope notink will spoil my mood... hehehe... wat's bothering me is put away for a while... coz im very very hepi!!! muahahahah...

1st.. i pass my RTT... it's so great taking the test w/o preparing anything yet i can pass!!~~ wooohooo... it's juz gd!~ hehehehe n then i think i sleep smilin'... heheheh.. it's ok to be crazy once a while...

2nd.. i pass my HTML lab test!!! wooohooo.... the so-called suprise test(i think i told u guys b4)... yeah.. not juz pass but i got A++... wooohhhooo!~ so happy!!~~ *jumping up n down*

3rd.. my blog got music video oredi!! wooohooo!~~~ n yeah to anybody who donno the song it's "Amber-311".. yep.. dis song is dedicated to amber(amazing race)... rob can go shoo!!~~ hehehehe...

so i tink later going to donna's place.. still thinking to go or not to go... hmmmm.... but wif all this gd news im abit afraid... yeah.. afraid dat sometink bad gonna happen.. if it's on me.. i dont care.. but if it befalls on another person.. someone who i care.. someone who i love... im juz afraid...

ok take care...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 4:03 PM

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