Sunday, April 24, 2005

B4 Anytink I Wld Lyk To Apologies...

be it sissy, unreasonable, emotional or watsoever u want to call me go ahead..

im always be the one giving in, im always the one being into blame, im always the one who got to understand others, yeah it's always have been me, muhaimin!

may i ask u guys one simple question? y u guys have to treat me dat way? y mu u guys step on my head when i give u face? y? juz a simple y?

for all of u guys info.. im trying my best to understand each n every of u.. im trying my best to control stress, anger n all negative tots..

but pls.. for once understand my situation n my responsibilities..

as a student, a fren, a close fren, a trainee, a son, a big bro n lots more...

my shoulders are heavy enuff.. i dont mind it all actually...
i just want u guys to understand dat's all..

if u guys think im not the person to be a fren im not suitable or watsoever..
u may leave me but pls let me know so dat i wont come bothering..

sori once again...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:46 AM

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