Monday, April 04, 2005

More Pics!!

seems that ive got notink to update.. so here goes more pics!!~~~ muahahaha like a fren of mine said.. cam-whore... muahahahaha here goes notink...

Image hosted by
shoes!~ hehehe

Image hosted by
moi! me! ana! saya!

Image hosted by
aidah!!!! y ur face like dat?? smile!!!!

Image hosted by
azim... he's like sucking.. erm.. sucking... erm.... LOLLIPOP lah! wat u guys thinking???!!!

Image hosted by
syawal! my cuz n my partner in crime.. woohooo...

Image hosted by
nurul.. see those cheeks?? who wanna pinch pay me ard $100 k?

Image hosted by
me: let me record wat u guys doing here n.. woit sampai naik kaki???
aidah: muahahaha dahsyat ah korg...

Image hosted by
azim: peace guys.. there's no war.. so juz chill..
wal: *mumbling* wat the hell azim's talking abt.. juz look straight dont turn..

Image hosted by
the lepak gang!!!

Image hosted by
aiyoo nurul so hungry... until the poster oso wanna eat...

for more... Click Here n go to "Lepak @ Esplanade"

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:52 AM

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