Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Plans after XMs...

since i donno wat to type so let's plan for the holidays wat am i going to do.. wooohhoooo....

2moro: bbq at ECP wif D-2 class...
18-20: camp eagle
maybe: go to england to visit my grand-uncle for more than a week
planning: go KL wif syawal n whoever coming
3 of those days: orientation for freshies
almost everyday: lepak session wif whoever that ring me
every friday n sat: kompang training @ kolam ayer c.c

i think dats all.. hehehe for now... hehehehe...

btw juz now.. bcoz of hating to stay at home n rot.. i went out at 11.30AM wif no plans and all.. i sat at the b.stop for almost 1/2 hr b4 deciding to go to orchard to catch the movie "install".. after dat took 65 to tampines n yes it's a very long journey... i slept at most of them... wokeup when it reached bedok reservoir... so got to wait for syawal(yeah the cute cuz)... 1st we decide to go to biji kopi(coffeebean) but yeah decided to drink hot drinks as it was raining... but yeah.. azim called n we decided to wait for him at tamp... but... he got his so called interview at simei...

as an adventurer(chey!!!) me n wal decided to walk from tamp to simei... n yeah.. it was quite boring to wait for azim to finish his talk.. n then he finish!!! yeay!!! we went to one of the blk at simei n yeah i still remember the block number.. it is 254.. n slacked there for a while.. n went back to tamp.. slacked at kampong chai chee restaurant... then came ace(nizam) n mat(sabiq)... then i went off for a while to meet a fren... then went back to the place where we slacked... n yeah.. laff n all... so at 9.30 decided to go home.. but we leave the place at 9.40.. hehehe..

reached home at 10.30... reast for a while.. n blog-hopped n here i am... blogging.. wooohhhooo!!~~~~~~~~~ till then.. bye bye....

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:28 AM

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