Saturday, April 09, 2005


completed my exam! ahuh! yeah! so... anybody wanna go out wit me.. juz gimme a call or msg maybe ill be free.. hehehehe.. when there's exam there's always result.. the result will be out on the 4th of may... so.. it's later... yep njoy 1st..

one whole stressful semester is complete wif juz 4 mths.. hmmm.. so total will be 8 months per year?? woohoo.. that's fast... cant wait to leave NYP.. hehehe... not the ppl... but the studies... n projects... hehehee so i'll be free as a bird(not so free as the goverment will look up for me) hehehehe

ok.. for the past days ive been slacking wif the usual bunchies of my former sec sch frens.. the usual bunchies are me, syawal, rezal n azim... yep.. hehehe.. slacking wif them will always be laff.. but there's time when serious matter arises.. so it's juz rite to slack wif 'em...

played pool, arcade n yeah bowling... my bowling skills seems improving.. but yeah.. i wont be boastful to display my score.. hehehe.. hint hint.. it's a 3-digit n starts wif 1.. hehehehe... yeah.. need to improve in my skills n then can beat the silat guys.. hehehehehe... up for a bowling match?? anyone? hehehehehe

ok as for today... hmmm... donno where to go.. got kompang training... till then... bye bye...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:45 AM

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