Tuesday, May 31, 2005

1st Day..

the tot of being changed to D2 was a relief for me coz i know some of them n juz need to get close but then again.. the unfortunate me got a suprise.. i was actually changed to D4 which class i know very lil ppl... haiz... n yeah last minute change of timetable made me got a headache at the end of the day... im now sick prone i donno y.. maybe my immune system is not as tough as b4.. even tho there's change in the timetable i still have nite class on friday...

aft reacheing home.. slack awhile n then ate chicken rice for my dinner... after my dinner waqs browsing tru the programs on teebee.. n saw this one malay movie.. actually im not the kind of guy who watch malay movies(except for the funny ones)... the title made me watch it... the title is "rintihan dosa"(donno the translation).. the story is abt this son who's ashamed of his OWN parents.. yeah his parents are poor ppl.. but then again.. they really sacrifice for him... for him to study at australia... n so forth...

but after graduating.. the son changed alot.. n he hurt his parents deeply n made his father(who's ashmatic) to his death... bcoz of his greed for money he was blinded for the moment.. n end up.. the son bcame insane.. his mother is still by his side no matter how bad she was treated when the son was still sane...

altho im not a gd son.. but at least i appriciate my parents for who they are.. thank god for that... so im pissed if anyone being rude to their parents... sometimes im rude too.. but after seeing this movie... donno lah.. it somehow made me repent(for awhile?)..

that's all i hv to share for today... start skool at 9-3... taking caring...


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