Sunday, May 29, 2005

Back frm 2 days holiday..

yeah it sux to actually spent only 2 days as ur holidays.. but it's ok.. it's wif my family btw.. so yeah the bond is there n yeah i found out i got cheated for the 2nd tym.. yep yep... it's great to get cheated... NOT!~

yep on friday go skool to buy the notes for next sem n yeah the book so thick!! wtf.. only got 2 books that are not so thick.. the others are like trying to rip my shoulders apart... but it's ok.. use to carry heavier than that during sec skool days.. heheheh... so after buying of books.. go to mosque for prayers.. ahuh i was all alone... nah juz trying to have some free tym for myself(which i always do).. reach home abt 2.30pm as my dad warned me to reach home b4 3... so being a gd son(HE HE HE) i went home early.. slacked for awhile b4 packing my bag.. n then off we go to melaka(i only know we are going to melaka on the day itself)...

not much happen on the 1st day.. reach a'famosa resort ard 8 plus.. n then check-in n then go eat n then *poof* hotel room n str8 to bed... n this funny thing happen lah.. my sis voluntered herself to sleep on the floor.. so me, mum, dad n youngest sis on the bed... half-way tru sleeping my sis(who is sleeping on the floor) sunddenly woke up n try to wake up my dad who was fast asleep... she was like "ayah.. ayah... bgn ayah..." (translation: "dad... dad... wake up dad...") her voice was so called panic.. so me n my mom was quite shock n ask her wat happen... u know wat she answered? "sejuk ah!!"(translation: "it's cold") n i was like laffing.. hehehe.. so i exchange place wif her... me on the floor n she on the bed like any other vacation would be...

then woke up early in the morn to have our breakfast b4 proceeding to the water world.. woooohhhoooo... it's the biggest breakfast i ever had... who went to TWO shops for our breakfast that means.. we ate TWICE... heheheh... so full n the off to the water world.. without us knowing genting staffs is having a family day there... so it was quite packed.. but no matter how packed it is.. we still had fun... weee...
after dat went to jusco.. n shop... weeee... i bought puma snicks.. it's damn nice.. n it's kinda patriotic... u will see y if i where it to skool... heheheh...

so take a 2-hr journey back to sg... b4 reaching sg we went to gelang patah stop to have our "supper" hehehe... had 2 half-boiled eggs... the half-boiled eggs there very nice i donno y... it juz taste diff... hehehehe...n then reach home ard 12 plus.. tired but cant sleep so decided to put the laces on the snicks... heheheh it's now super nice... heheheh...

yep start skooling on monday... haiz how i miss my poly-mates... POLY-mates... not juz classmates or lecturemates... but poly-mates... i juz miss them.. n yeah i miss the sentosa picnic wif the silat-mates... maybe nxt-tym(i wonder when) aite guys(n gals)???

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