Monday, May 16, 2005

Here Comes Sunday AGAIN

yeah.. wat a day... y sunday is such a boring day?? either rot at home or go to wedding ceremonies.. that wat mostly wat i do on sundays... very rarely a fren will call me up n ask me out... yeah.. it's getting lesser now after... ok let's not talk abt it...

juz now woke up at 10.30... im use to wake up at that tym no matter wat tym i slept the nite b4... after slacking awhile n then washup a lil bit n have my breakfast that is yesterday's mee goreng which my mom bought.. then i have my shower n yeah fizza showering is the best tym to plan sometink or to think abt sometink...

n then follow my parents to 2 wedding ceremonies... one at tamp n the other at wdlds.. yeah ate alot.. n donno y my tummy is still the same... nyehehhehe.. reached home at 6 i think n then as usual slack infront of the teebee.. bcoz ive watched deep blue sea.. i decided to watched a malay movie(VCD) titled "gangster" by rosyam nor where he plays 3 roles.. one as a drug dealer another as a illegal road racer n another as a father which owes a loan shark... the way of the movie is nice.. really salute the director for it.. how he combine 3 diff scenarios together.. n how he change from a scene to another... *claps*

after dat watched "gen y" a chinese movie on channel u... it was nice too.. plenty of action n humour along the way... n after dat i end up infront of the pc bloghoppin n then decided to update my blog...

hmm.. ive been thinking of stopping from blogging... i donno y juz thinking of dat... hmmmm...

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