Thursday, May 26, 2005


first n for most i would lyk to wish my lil sister a very hepi 12th bday.. n yeah she doesn't read dis thing... n yep no gifts for her as im broke.. i donno y.. i juz am broke... heheheh... maybe juz a simple wish frm me to her will brighten up her day... im juz hoping her to be a responsible elder sister n act as her age... she's juz too pampered n like to act cute... heheheh...

seeing my own lil sis grows up... hmmm.. donno lah.. i heard alot of frens who got an elder bro n they are not hepi.. im hoping that my sis will be glad to have me as her elder bro... not that i want to be appriciated.. it's juz dat... donno wat to say... hehehehe....

nxt.. my timetable is out.. like yat's, i have nite classes on fridays.. i envy those who get friday off frm skool... long weekend... but yeah... higher the hope the greater disappointment.. so juz hv to be grateful wif wat i hv(the timetable that is) altho it's hard... hehehehe...

ok now.. let talk abt serious topics.. erm.. let me think wat abt... ok.. the saying "life is unfair".. but y?? y is there such saying?? isnt dat juz ups n downs in life.. imagine life is juz full of happiness... we will not know the hardship going tru life.. with failure n things like it.. we tend to be more stronger.. but... haiz.. donno wat to say oredi... so yep... be hepi oways... try to be strong when encounter such hardship.. it's not unfair it's juz a challenge..

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