Sunday, June 05, 2005

1 week had passed

yep.. 1st week of the 1st sem has passed me by in juz a blink(several blinks) of the eye. yeah dis sem i tink gonna be fun?? i tink oni.. but i donno actually.. nite lab turns out to be nite tutorial for 1st few weeks.. aiyoo i even yawn when the lecturer was looking at me.. wat to do.. bored + sleepy = yawns..

it was a bad day for me lah on friday... y?? 1st skool start at 1 and it's lecture so.. can ask a fren to sign for me or tap for me.. hehehe.. i have to go to prayers k?? not dat i skip purposely.. n then got ard 4 hrs break so decided to go home and take sometink which i forget.. n then when i was otw to skool the stupeed bus broke down.. aiyoo... donno lah maybe it's juz my luck.. n then went to skool to find the silat mates there.. n then ed really made me feel guilty as i cant go to the in-camp training which she tot i'll be joining.. sori ed.. then went for the boring nite class n home straight.. yes u did read it correctly i went home straight after skool... strange? nope coz it's late oredi... hehhehe..

juz now wanted to go to silat.. but my granny suddenly fall sick.. so need to accompany her to the clinic coz she could barely walked.. but when my dad ask her whether she want him to call the doctor she didnt want.. even senior citizens can be stubborn... went to see b-boy battle b4 proceed to the usual thing..

new quote frm me.. "Life is like skool; where u only learn when u make mistakes" n "Mistakes is not to regret but to learn frm it"

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 2:28 AM

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