Friday, June 10, 2005

Can i not write any topics?

1st of all wanna wish me cuz, me buddy, me partner in crime n all lah, syawal, a very jolly hepi bday!~ wooohhooo die dah tua!!~~ oklah hope dat u had a great year ahead of u n may u be hepi wif "her".. n yeah gd luck in ur studies...

update!! i know it's been long i nvr update.. it's juz dat im sleeping over at my cuz place no no sywal's it's another cuz at yishun.. that's y lah.. nenot use other ppl comp.. hehehe... actually notink happen for the rest of the day except for wednesday and yesterday...

im not gonna talk abt wednesday.. it's juz dat im so hepi.. hehehe.. my happiness last until the very next day i.e. thursday... thursday i finish skool at 3 straight away met syawal @ orchard b4 proceeding to suntec to catch the movie Mr & Mrs Smith.. it's a very nice movie i shld say... then after that rushed to polar to take the cake that we ordered.. then make a dedication to my cuz on the bday booth.. wooohooo... but that stupid DJ suppose to at least read the dedication after one song but.. she read it immidiately n syawal didnt hear it.. that spoilt my hepi mood instantly.. but it was recovered after we sat down n talk... yeah as i was the hepi one.. im the one who start to crack lame joke for every sentence they said.. heheheh.. so bad of me!!!

then u know wat.. suntec close without even announcing... hehehe.. we are so called locked inside.. heheheh.. but yeah to solve the prob we juz need to J-walk.. hehehe.. then reached home at 12.15.. woohoo.. actually i dont intend to go home wanna slacked at esplanade alone.. yeah... but.. nah...

oklah that's all.. take care.. p/s my bday is coming!!! hehehe lambat lagi!~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:17 AM

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