Monday, June 20, 2005

IVP has started.. JENG JENG JENG!~(it's gonna be a very long post)

1st and foremost i would like to apologise for not updating for so long.. nyehehehe.. juz plain lazy lah n yeah into mapleSEA now.. so bz with games.. not studies mind u... hehehe..

ok next let's talk abt silat!!! yeah silat... the determination of each pesilats of nyp is really great all those trainings they(yeah they not me) been tru n they get to show it on saturday n sunday.. wooohhhooo the moment they all been waiting for is finally here...

1st up is tunggal putra(or solo men) from NYP team is azli.. *claps* he really did great as a first tym and not from any perguruan.. his spirits was high dat day.. i really envy him.. but greater hope brings great disappointment.. he only manage to get 4th.. but yeah the one who get third i tink is not meant to get third but azli.. but yeah life is unfair... hehehe..

next comes tunggal putri(solo women) from NYP team is fizah.. *claps again* she did really really really well i shld say.. she manage to beat n outstand her oponents! yeah u guessed it.. she won herself a gold!!! wooohhhooo!!! *claps harder* congrats!

then ganda putri(donno wat to say) from NYP are Nozie n Rad! *claps*.. they did pretty well n manage to grab the bronze medal.. they juz need to do it with much realistic n dramatic.. but not TOO dramatic... but anyway congrats to get urself a bronze medal...

after that regu putri(synchronize artistic silat) are kamila, haz n ida *claps* they manage to synchronize well n do the artistic thingy really well.. nice teamwork.. great communication.. i shld say.. without teamwork n communication they wouldnt have got wat they got... they manage to get silver.. but yeah nevermind.. still proud of u guys!~ *grinning*

then the moment we've been all waiting for.. olahraga!~ 1st stop Hidayat!! *claps* our vice president... im still proud of u hidayat.. no need to feel sori for urself.. u did great n i know u tried ur best.. u've given all u got.. but maybe is juz not ur luck dis year... dont worry... we the NYP silat team will always be there for u tru thick n thin(hope so but i know i do)..

Al-Hafiz a.k.a Duta is next.. he fought great n manage to knock the opponent down.. hehehe... he played well.. yeah love the way he played.. hope i can be like him... so relaxed n he really planned well for the fight...

then Fauzi a.k.a Komeng!~ he won!!! yes he won! n guess wat this is his 1st tym entering a silat competition! wooohooo.. he played well n some funny things happen lah during the fight.. n guess who he beat??? ITE!!! wooohhooo.. the most fearsome of all.. but now after fauzi did wat he suppose to do.. ITE is juz normal!~ they also eat rice like anybody else... woohooo!~

next day.. i came late but from wat i heard fir didnt manage to get tru.. u did ur best fir.. dont worry... then we faced lost after lost.. amalina also was brought down by NUS farid a.k.a acai too.. NUS was shld i say gd?? or malina n farid juz did not focus enuff in the match..

during that tym my motivation or hope to see the team win has already gone down.. feel like crying but me?? Muhaimin?? crying?? muahahahahah!!!~~ such a funny thing muhaimin will do... then aina brought the smile back to my face again.. she won.. she defeated RP... but i know she can do better than that... but no matter wat.. she won!! woohhooo!!~~

next Yusri a.k.a Abg Long!! he paralyze his opponent!!.. no lah that sound too dramatic.. but he cause his opponent to be carried in a strecther(donno how to spell) in the middle of round 2... fierce!!!

next i tink it's shahrul.. he fought well.. hehehe.. nah actually walk-over as his opponent is over-weight... n without even fighting he already confirm a medal for him.. wtf!...

then edlinda!!! the fearsome girl... made her opponent KO also.. so total there's 3 KO for NYP... fierce rite??? nyehehehe... then it's juz not fizza's luck.. u did ur best sis... i know u did... but like yayat... it's juz not ur luck... im proud of u still...

then the next three fite after the break.. faizal a.k.a boboy.. fadhil.. n aini... they all won!!! wooohooo!!~~ love them.. they fought great... they really make my day yesterday.. yep yep yep... but dont be too hepi.. that's wat abg NANA told us... try harder next tym!!!

ok done finish with the post.. n yeah.. i juz failed my e-quiz.. nyehehehehe

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