Friday, July 29, 2005

it's 146th postS oredi?

how time flies.. my break is ending soon but yet im still in my own werld havent even touched the modules' books for revision... i dont think i can make it.. but nevermind it's my own fault...

1st of all i wld like to say thanks to all those who wishes me hepi birthday.. thanks for remembering... it's the thought that count.. but nevertheless u can show ur thoughtfullness by giving me a bday pressie... i dont mind if it's late.. hehehe...

yesterday went to celebrate wif cuzzies... yep nice.. went to arab street for a sheesha session that's all... altho it's simple.. but i really appreciate the time the spend for me... im touched.. thanks wal, zal, kak nana n riena(hauuss)..

but juz now i dont feel that hepi as i was yesterday... my tot was not at ease... even now.. im still wondering wat im thinking about.. studies?? couldnt be cos im the type of guy who heck care wif studies... haiz... donno lah hate to trouble myself this way...

Do Frens Have To Be Gd Looking?

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 8:35 PM

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