Monday, July 25, 2005

One Week STUDY Break!

oficially done with studying for a moment... at least can rest during dis 1 week.. and after dis week will be our common test week.. ahuh.. but for ur info i donno which module have a common test... haiz... so juz need to study all of the module to prevent failing...

btw want to update sometinks.. went to chalet organise by my cuz whose son is six years old.. yep one more year to see him being cute.. hehehe... met all my aunts n uncles there.. it was nice at first until the end part.. my other cuz(kak nana) ask me n wal to sleepover at the chalet.. so as we havent had a nice long chat.. we decided to wait for her as she send her mother-in-law home... by that time it was 10.. n then ard 11 my parents wanted to go home n then i told them that kak nana wants me n wal to stay... so they left... n then at 1 we called kak nana but her husband told he will be there ard 2 to 3.. so we waited... n we continue waiting until 3.. so without any furhter ado.. i spread the mat n slept outside... yep outside the chalet.. n mind u it was really cold n i was wif my singlet... argh!!~~

n then the next morning kak nana called n she said she overslept... woohooo.. so like me n wal waited for notink... heheheh... but it's ok.. i tink we are used to ppl like dis.. n then we proceeded to kompang.. n then kak nana ask us to go there again in the evening... so went there.. n yep we went to escape... oklah. spend most of the time waiting for the Q to the go kart thingy... me n wal spend well the time waiting.. we took the water log wif kak wiah(the one who organise the chalet) yep we went out wet... but wal is the wettest!~ ahakz..

then me n wal proceed to ride the indoor rollercoaster.. yep.. felt like being thrown out of the carriage... but it was fun altho it was heart-thumping... then ride the viking for the 1st time.. i didnt know that it was that scary.. *shivering* n yeah that was our last ride... haiz...yep did enjoy during my weekend...

dont know wat to do during dis one week hols.. beep me if u got any idea for me aite?

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:55 PM

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